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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new year at CHIJ Kellock at our holding site! I would like to thank God Almighty and the CHIJ Kellock Community for the many blessings that came our way in 2016 and the blessings that continue to be showered upon us at our holding site in the first week of school. Allow me to share these blessings with you.

The education landscape has certainly changed over the last couple of years but one thing remains clear in the midst of all these changes: A great school and a great schooling experience is made up of great people. I am enormously proud to be working with the people in CHIJ Kellock who have not only ushered the changes in the education landscape in good faith but continue to make that difference to the many young charges who come through the portals of the school. Mother Teresa once said, “God didn’t ask us to do great things. He asked us to do small things with great love.” Words to live by and there are no better authorities on this than the people in the CHIJ Kellock Community whom we fondly call TEAM KELLOCK - the teachers, the administrative staff, the support staff, the contract staff, and the parent volunteers. They make the Kellock Experience happen because they ARE the Kellock Experience. While remaining faithful to what we stand for, we have had the greatest blessing in being able to move forward through the years guided by the loving hands of all in the CHIJ Kellock Community and by God.

The testimony of this must surely come from the many affirmations received for our work in the field of organisational excellence, the arts, sports, character-building and the academic; 4 Distinctions in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2016 Arts Presentation, the School Distinction Award (SDA), 4 Best Practice Awards (BPA), the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) and the People Developer Standards (PDS), etc … There were so many ‘firsts’ experienced last year that it is easy to forget what this should all be about; The achievements of the heart and spirit as seen in the way our girls turn out at the end of each year and becoming young ladies of character and persons for others, must continue to remain at the heart of all our efforts.

And so, while we honour and applaud the achievements that have come our way, Mother Teresa’s words must constantly remind us that if there is no love involved in the process, these achievements are nothing but papers and trophies. We must do small things with great love!

The truth is, everyone in this community is a superstar who makes the difference in the Kellock Experience and while some of our stars shine behind the scenes, it is hard to imagine where we would be without them. And these are the stars who made our move to the holding site possible. The year-long consultations, planning, organising and orchestrating of the move and school operations were the work of many deft hands behind the scene seeing to all aspects of the holding site, including the Familiarisation Tour, Day 1 Operations and Primary 1 Orientation. And thus, there is no better affirmation for the stars behind the scenes than for the school to receive the little notes of encouragement and congratulations from the parents of the school for the successful handling of school operations and traffic management during the first week of school! Thank you, parents, for your support, co-operation and constructive suggestions and ideas!

To all the stars of CHIJ Kellock – thank you for making the difference!

Ms Magdalene Chin