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Dance Ensemble

Students participating in Dance Ensemble will train under the expertise of two qualified dance instructors. Through the 4-year CCA programme, students will be taught the Tap Dance and Jazz with focusing on barrework, footwork, posture awareness, jazz technique and alignment. Students will also get the opportunity to perform at school concerts and community events to showcase their skills learnt though choreographed dance items. Through the avenues of performances, students develop values responsibility, resilience and teamwork, and build their sense of self-confidence.

Our Dance Ensemble represents the school at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging (International Dance) and have been awarded with the distinction award each time, in recognition of their hard work, dance techniques and talent. The Dance Ensemble is an excellent avenue where young dancers come together to nurture their passion for dance, hone their dance skills and build friendship.

*Students will be auditioned before obtaining a place in the Dance Ensemble.


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (alternate years)
Master Classes with Dance Practitioners
Various Internal / External Performance Platforms
Community Outreach Projects


Ms Nur Ashiqin, Mrs Esther Tan and Ms Mishal Lim

Day / Time

Tuesday 2.15pm –4.00pm
Friday 1.45 – 3.45 pm

Dance Studio and PAL Room

Approx. $110 per semester

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