Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

NE Commemorative Events

Beyond the formal Character and Citizenship Education lessons, the four NE Commemorative Days (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day) are an important part of students’ learning experiences in school. Through these NE commemorative days, students learn important lessons from significant moments in Singapore’s history, and reflect on how they can apply their learning to contribute as active citizens.

Total Defence Day 2018

Total Defence Day is commemorated on 15 February every year to mark the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. It seeks to remind people of the hardships that our forefathers went through during the Japanese Occupation. The theme for Total Defence Day this year is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’. 

To commemorate Total Defence Day, students were involved in a series of activities on 14 February. They took part in a food rationing exercise, where only sweet potato porridge and green bean soup were sold during recess. The purpose of the food rationing exercise was to highlight to students the value of Resilience, to remind them that during a war, food is a rare commodity. There were also learning booths set up by the NE Ambassadors to educate students on the 5 pillars of Total Defence and simple first aid skills. Students also made a pledge to protect Singapore at the pledge card booths. The Singapore Police Force also set up an exhibition booth to highlight to students the importance of staying alert and keeping Singapore safe. 

On 15 February, the school invited a female Platoon Sergeant from the Singapore Arm Forces to share with the students on her experiences in the military and how girls can also contribute in defending Singapore. Through the commemoration of Total Defence Day, students learnt that all of them can play their part to protect Singapore and keep her strong.


TDD 2018

International Friendship Day 2017

This year International Friendship Day (IFD) was a colourful, vibrant and meaningful event, as all students and teachers came dressed in their international or traditional costumes on IFD. The theme for this year’s IFD was ASEAN 50. We had a series of exciting activities that were lined up for students to deepen their understanding on the importance of having good relationship with ASEAN countries. 

On 3rd April, there was a Special Assembly Programme and we had our very own IFD costume parade led by our parent volunteers and students! As a result, our students gained a deeper understanding on the costumes worn by the people from around the world.

The highlight of the week, was on 7th April International Friendship Day, where students enjoyed extended recess to learn more about the festivals, culture, dance and food of other countries at the “ASEAN 50 and the World Carnival” that was organised by our Kellock PSG. Students were thrilled to watch the NE ambassadors performing the Philippines Ati-Atihan dance with the parent volunteers at the carnival. Many students were also eager to answer the IFD quiz on the country booths of Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Italy and USA. It was a fun and vibrant carnival, which successfully bring across the important message of having international friendship and harmony to our Kellock girls. Our heartfelt thanks to all parent volunteers for their dedication in ensuring a meaningful commemoration of IFD in CHIJ Kellock.