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Other Activities

2017 National Primary Schools Chinese Story-Telling Competition

Charisse Lee of P5 Jupiter has obtained a merit award in 2017 National Primary Schools Chinese Story-Telling Competition ; a competition that was jointly organised by the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, the Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers’ Association and Ai Tong Primary School. The objective of the competition is to encourage students to learn Chinese language and to promote Chinese culture and traditional values. There was a total of 42 schools that participated in this competition, and out of 77 students, Charisse was selected into the finals

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Mother Tongue Fortnight (5 February, Monday - 15 February, Thursday )

Mother Tongue Fortnight was mooted in 2012 by MOE to encourage the use of Mother Tongue languages among students. The theme this year is Joy of Learning with Parents. During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to Chinese Language (CL), Malay Language (ML) and Tamil Language (TL) and culture were conducted to foster the theme. For the P4 girls, a language and cultural camp was organised for them to provide an immersive environment in which to learn and use their Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). Through various hands-on activities, students also learnt to appreciate the respective MTL cultures. For CL, veteran TV presenter, Ms Diana Ser, conducted a P1 and P2 parent-child talk on how to use multimedia to engage children to learn CL. Media Corp arise Miss Rebecca Lim, an ex-IJ girl, shared with the P6 girls her experiences in learning CL. In addition, Story-telling for P1 and P2, CL recitation using simple instruments for P3 and a Comics workshop for P5 were also organised. For TL, the lower primary girls were exposed to various children’s songs in Tamil. The P5 girls were given the opportunity to display their creativity and talent through a short film-making workshop. The P6 girls also had the opportunity to learn new skills through the Creative Writing Workshop. For ML, the lower primary girls were exposed to various games in learning Malay. They learnt about traditional costumes, poem, riddles and many more. While the lower primary learnt Malay through games, the upper primary girls learnt new and interesting ways to write stories through the Creative Writing Workshop.

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Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebrations (Thursday, 15 February 2018)

CHIJ Kellock celebrated Lunar New Year on 15 February, Thursday. Chinese Language teachers gamely took the stage to perform a Korean pop dance item to the tune of “Likey” with specially adapted lyrics by Kellock’s very own Chinese Language teacher. It certainly heightened the festive spirit of the celebration. After the opening by the School Leaders (SLs) to usher in the year of the Dog, the lion dance performance once again brought the festive spirit to another higher point. Students and teachers were enthused by the lion dance performance and the “God of Fortune” character. Selected P4 students performed “clappers talk” with their instructors from the Language and Cultural Camp. Fabrienne Loh from P4 Ruby performed a dance titled “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”. Students also had fun helping a few children to find their mothers who are teachers in the school in a game called “Where is mummy?” There was also an exciting dance competition between two groups of teachers. Students had a great time voting for the winner. The concert ended with the staff and students singing Chinese New Year songs together. As is the custom in our school, the School Leaders extended their well wishes to the staff by presenting Mandarin oranges to them on stage.

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