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Parents Support Group

Kellock PSG wishes all a healthy and happy new year filled with love and peace! 

A big thank you to all parents and students for their patience and understanding as the school adjusts to the new holding site. Thank You parents for accommodating to the changes as we go through the teething stage. 

Special Thanks to our new P1 parents and existing parent volunteers who so quickly stepped in to help with easing the traffic flows – your invaluable support is much appreciated!

PSG Banner -no bracket.jpg PSG Calendar & Sign-ups 2017 

We look forward to another exciting new year – check out our PSG Calendar 2017

Thank You all parents who have signed-up as volunteers for our 2017 events. We had a total of 170 parents signing up for a total of 699 event assignments – amazing support!! Do lookout for additional broadcasts for volunteers once we collate our positions. 

For parents who have signed-up, your Sub-Committee leader will contact you closer to the commencement of event preparation. See you then!

THANK YOU KMARSHALS! Look out for our intrepid parent traffic wardens in their spiffy neon yellow vests. You can’t miss them – guaranteed! A big thank you to Benjamin Ang for stepping up to helm and coordinate the KMarshals team and Adrian Fong who generously sponsored these vests for our volunteers. 

upcoming events.png
Lots of exciting events and activities in Term 2.  PSG volunteers have been working hard planning for:

International Friendship Day
Kellock Arts Jamboree (KAJA)

Look out for more details!

ItKAJA 2017_Poster-2.jpg’s time to KAJA! once again!

This year, “Vibrancy In The Arts” encourages the young to boldly try out new art forms and enjoy what the Arts has to offer. Take the opportunity to get your hands on Petite Macarons or Paper Quilling, shake to the Hawaiian Hula, impress your friends with some Hangul and lots more!

Click here for full details.

Careers Day

Our girls are in for a treat this year on Careers Day, 24 March.  Parents are helping to make it happen by volunteering as speakers this year. Some examples – a professional photographer, art therapist, flight attendant, dance choreographer, hypnotherapist and scientist and many more.   The goal is to expose Kellock girls to wide variety of careers and educational pathways to reach those professions.

Tutti Frutti-500x500.jpg
Tutti-Frutti Tuesdays is up and running in 2017!

Our mascots this year are Mr Grape and Mr Pineapple – thank you to the Daddies who volunteered to dress up as fruits.  Beyond the normal fruits served, students were treated to a sampling of nature’s delights, all aimed at exposing them to new, fresh, healthy flavors.  And for those who had collected enough stamps, they could redeem freshly made fruit juice.  Always a hit! Click here to view the photos.

A big thank you for all your support at the Valentine’s Day Sale.   The PSG raised a shopping $6337.80!!   We had lots of help - dedicated volunteers who made adorable gifts and parents who fully sponsored all the materials used in making the crafts.  Thank you for your generosity!! 

Every cent collected on the two days of sales went straight to the School Management Committee Fund, which uses the money strictly to benefit students and the school.  

 here to view the photos.