Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

About Us

A warm welcome to CHIJ Kellock Parent Support Group!

The CHIJ Kellock Parent Support Group consists of parent volunteers who seek to positively and actively support the aims and objectives of the school by strengthening home-school collaboration and partnership. We foster parents’ shared interests and responsibilities for the children by promoting parental involvement in school programmes. By being continuously involved in our children’s school activities, Kellock PSG parents have the privilege of savouring the sweet, priceless moments of their children’s growing up years to a much greater extent. The shared experiences they have will indeed be a pleasure to look back upon in years to come. It also inspires the spirit to care for the less fortunate and needy within our midst. Like our motto: “Your Hand in Mine” – Embark on the journey with your child, the journey to learn, to experience, to care and to bond. A gift from God!

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Supporting Kellock Committees

• Supports school-led initiatives such as Racial Harmony Day, Kellock Arts JAmboree or Careers Day.

Student Well-Being & Development Committees

• Implements programmes that directly enhance or support students' school experiences such as Reading Mums/Dads or Tutti-Frutti Tuesdays.

Parent-Link Committees

• Organizes events that engage parents and families within the school community eg. Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival or Parents Symposium.

PSG Cares Committees

• Coordinates events that are for a specific cause or raise funds for a specific purpose eg. school building fund