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2018 P1 Social Studies Learning Journey

As part of the Primary 1 Social Studies curriculum, our Primary 1 students embarked on a trail around the school. The objective of this school trail is for our new Primary 1 students to get familiarised with the facilities and various learning rooms around the school. This trail also allows for learning to take place out of the classroom as the students follow their teacher around the school during the trail.

The trail started from the students’ respective classrooms and covered various places in Block A and Block B such as the school library, the general office, the toilets, the cove, the canteen, computer lab 3 and the music room.
By being familiar with these places, students will be more aware of where to go and how to get to the various places when needed.

As part of the learning experience, students had to complete their trail worksheet on the go. 
During the process, students were also encouraged to discuss and speak to their friends about their experience. 

At the end of the trail, students were invited to share their experiences and feelings with their classmates before completing an individual reflection of their favourite place in school. 



By encouraging discussion, it allows our students to be exposed to different viewpoints and perspectives. This helps to promote the full educative growth of our students as individuals and social beings. Reflection of experiences and learning also helps to grow our students into a self-reflective inquirer who thinks about her doings and actions. We look forward to a brand new school trail at our new campus at Bukit Teresa Road in 2019!