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2018 P3 Social Studies Learning Journey

As part of the Primary 3 Social Studies curriculum, our students took a learning journey to the Jurong Frog Farm. This field-based learning experience provided the opportunity for pupils to interact with nature in a safe and engaging environment. The objective of this learning journey is for students to develop a lively curiosity about the farms in modern Singapore. Students will also learn to relate to nature and develop an understanding of the importance of having farms in Singapore’s increasingly urban cityscape.

The comprehensive tour includes a brief history, presentation, a quiz and a Q&A session on the frog farm. On top of that, it also provided an opportunity for our students to touch, hear, learn and interact with the American Bullfrogs – something that our students do not see in their everyday lives!



To encourage and guide our young explorers to observe their surroundings and take notes for the consolidation of learning, activity booklets with guiding questions were provided for them to jot down notes.


Our students and parent volunteers also had an opportunity to try balancing a full grown American bullfrog on their head with a Farmer’s Hat on! Look at their wide smiles!

Our students, teachers and parent volunteers enjoyed their time at the Jurong Frog Farm tremendously. In the true spirit of life-long learning, we hope that through this engaging and unforgettable experience, our students will be inspired to learn more about nature and also develop an unending curiosity about everything around them.