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2018 P4 Social Studies Learning Journey

As part of the school’s efforts in creating authentic learning experiences for our students, a Social Studies Field-based Learning Journey cum Math Trail to the Civic District was organised for our Primary 4 students. This learning journey ties in with the Primary 4 Social Studies syllabus where students learn about the history of Singapore and the contributions of early settlers in Singapore. 

The Civic District is known as the historic birthplace of Modern Singapore. It was started by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822 as a masterplan to build new buildings that would lay the foundation of a thriving trade post. 

The learning journey includes a trail by the Singapore River covering The Cenotaph, the Lim Bo Seng memorial, the Raffles Landing Site and The Fullerton Building. At each landmark, students will learn about the facts and history in addition to completing hands-on Mathematics activities together with their classmates.


The Math Trail activities allow students to relate and apply the Mathematical concepts that they have learnt to the real-world context. By working in groups with their classmates, students had also gained experience in working as a team outside of the classroom.

Our students had also gained a deeper historical knowledge of how far Singapore has come from its humble beginning as a fishing village to a metropolis today. In line with our school’s theme of giving thanks, we hope that our students have learnt to appreciate and be grateful for all that the early settlers had done to contribute to the flourishing Singapore we have today.