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Junior Lexis Debate

Debating encourages critical thinking, fosters effective communication, creates a stimulus for rigorous academic research and builds teamwork. As such, students in the Stretch Programme will take part in the ‘Junior’ Lexis Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Debate Masterclass and be equipped with starting skills to present disputative, persuasive and compelling oratory.

Located within the ambit of the West Zone Centre of Excellence for Language Arts, the ACJC Oratorical and Debating Society, has established a tradition, in the local and international debating scene, for creating generations of articulate, intelligent, and passionate speakers. Since 1995, students from ACJC, members of the Oratorical and Debating Society have gone on to coach, lead, and represent successful Singaporean teams at international debating competitions.

Through chosen modes of delivery which include small group seminars, peer mentoring, as well as hands on activity, Kellock students will be attached to trainers who are experienced Junior College Debaters and who also have international experience.

The Masterclass has been designed to cater to beginners with no prior background in debates. At every master class, students will listen to a brief introduction, following which they will be split into groups where they will be taught basic argumentation skills, and finally they will have a chance to debate, to practice what they have learnt. Participants who successfully complete the three session course will be awarded a certificate and an honorary pin. Upon completion of the debate training, a selected team of students will take part in the Wits and Words: Inter-school Debate Competition organised by the Ministry of Education, Debate Association (Singapore).