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Promotion of Student Voice

Promotion of Greater Student Voice and School Involvement

The school believes that greater students’ involvement and engagement will bring about higher achievement and foster interest, identification and personal connection to the school. As such, the student management department put in place programmes that would bring about greater student voice through their involvement and engagement. 

Student Suggestion Scheme

At the start of the school year, the student management department initiated a class suggestion box competition. The objective of having this competition was to kick-start the student suggestion scheme. This platform would also promote greater student voice that will allow the school to better cater to needs of the students. Thus, the class monitors from Primary 3 to 6 were tasked to create and design a class suggestion box and the most creatively designed box of each level would then win a prize. The following classes were the winners of the competition:

After the competition, the class monitors take the lead in encouraging and collating student suggestions. The suggestions from the students included improvements that they would like to see for the class as well as the school. The student management department evaluated these suggestions and channel the successful ones to the respective departments for implementation.

School Improvement Projects by the Prefectorial Board

School Improvement Projects have been a regular component in leadership development at Kellock. Prefects in the board have been organized into groups and they are required to conceptualise a school improvement project that could lead to a better learning environment for the students or enhance student well-being.  

Before the students were engaged in the school improvement projects, a workshop was organized for them to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they will be better prepared to handle the challenges ahead. A total of 36 prefects attended the design thinking workshop conducted by our sister school, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent. In this training, students made use of the design thinking protocol to guide them in their planning of their school improvement project. At the end of the session, the prefects share their plans and come up with concrete action plans.

Friend of Singa

A team of 9 students comprising 8 prefects and 1 CCA leader was selected to represent the school in the above project organized by the Singapore Kindness Movement. This year, the theme of the project is ‘Kindness, it’s up to me’. After discussion, the team decided that their project would achieve the following 3 objectives:
1) We can help others without expecting a reward.
2) Kindness springs from within and it is a personal commitment.
3) Kindness makes one happier and it fosters stronger relationships among people. 

Based on these objectives, the team endeavours to inspire the student population to spare a thought for others and be kind to the people in their community. Hence, the team went about to conceptualise activities such as writing appreciation notes and/or cards, folding paper flowers and creating craft work for their target recipients. Do keep a look-out for these activities that will be rolled out to the students over the next 3 months.