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Inspiring Teacher Awards

Inspiring Teacher Award for English

The  Inspiring Teacher Award for English  recognises English teachers who ignite a love for the English language and are effective in helping their students speak and write accurately.

Mrs Esther Chia.jpg
Esther Chia
 Inspiring Teacher of English 2010

Inspiring Teacher Award for Chinese Language

The Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers Award gives due recognition to teachers who have displayed exemplary efforts in the teaching of Chinese language and culture in Singapore.

Ms Liu ShiWei.jpg
Miss Koh Wee Mong.jpg
 Liu Shi Wei
Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers 2016
Koh Wee Mong
 Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers 2013

Inspiring Teacher Award for Malay

The Arif Budiman Malay Language Teacher Awards aim to recognise excellent Malay Language teachers in mainstream schools, who are exemplary in promoting and improving the use of the language, through teaching and learning.

Miss Nur Ashiqin.jpg
Nur Ashiqin Binte Sa'At
Anugerah Guru Arif Budiman 2016 

Inspiring Teacher Award for Tamil

The Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Award  serves to recognise the stellar performance of Tamil teachers in their role in educating and promoting Tamil Language among their students.

Mdm Tauled Tunisha.jpgMiss Ravathy Ganasegaran.jpg
Tauled Tunisha
Most Inspiring Tamil Language Teachers 2013
 Ravathy Ganasegaran
Most Inspiring Tamil Language Teachers 2017