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Term 3

Parents’ Symposium 2016 – Enriching Minds and Engaging Lives

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More than 200 CHIJ Kellock parents attended this year’s Parents’ Symposium held in the school. The theme for this year’s symposium is ‘Enriching Minds and Engaging Lives’. This year’s keynote presentation on ‘I Can’t Live Without IT – Engaging the IT and Smart Phone Generation’ by Touch Cyber Wellness Manager, Mr Chong Ee Jay, was well received by parents who found the topic interesting and relevant.

The symposium included hands-on workshops, sharing sessions and activities, where parents learned how to better engage their daughters in the learning of the various subjects, as well as receiving parenting tips on family and parenting issues. Feedback from parents was extremely positive, with many stating that the workshops were engaging and well delivered by teachers and they look forward to Parents’ Symposium 2017!

Keep Singapore Clean Movement – Spring Cleaning and Kellock Daily Cleaning Routine

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In line with the ‘Keep Singapore Clean Movement’ which advocates a clean Singapore, CHIJ Kellock students proudly shouldered the responsibility of cleaning their classrooms. Through the termly Spring Cleaning activity, students cleaned their classrooms, tables and chairs, cleared their lockers and packed their class library to ensure a good closure to the term. Spring-cleaning day also provides a great platform for students to demonstrate our school values of responsibility and graciousness as they work together as a class, helping one another to complete their cleaning task.

To further inculcate a sense of responsibility and good life habits, the Kellock Daily Cleaning Routine was also introduced in Term 1 this year to make classroom cleaning a daily affair for students. At the end of the school day, classical music will be played as students proceed to carry out some basic cleaning of their classrooms. This routine ensures a cleaner classroom environment, thus promotes better learning.

Project Work @ Kellock

In line with our school vision of developing each child’s unique giftedness to lead and make a difference, VIA-infu
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sed Project Work @ Kellock will be carried out this year across Primary 3, 4 and 5, integrated with various subjects.

Project Work aims to give students the platform to synthesise knowledge and critically and creatively apply knowledge to real-life situations. Using Design Thinking as an approach, students will make use of real world information and explore the different ways one can improve the various situations.