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The landing of 5 drones in CHIJ Kellock on 5 July, created much excitement and anticipation amongst the student population, officially launching the inaugural STEAM Week and setting off a flurry of activities. Rumours were rife that ETAs (Extra-Terrestrial Aliens) had arrived, when in truth, it was the arrival of STEAM-related ECAs (Extra-curricular Activities) instead!

The day began with a dance performance titled “Spinning Symmetry” which incorporated elements of Math and the Dance art form to showcase the multi-disciplinary nature of STEAM. This was followed by 2 full days of STEAM activities in the Mathilde Hall where students raced salt-water cars, pitted their construction skills to build giant Jenga Towers and coded robots to navigate strange new lands. Elsewhere in the hall, groups of students were seen flying drones through hoops, refining the designs of their paper gliders and folding agamographs. Squeals of delight could be heard from all corners of the hall as teams of students competed to solve puzzles and challenges before rushing to the next station. There was even a virtual station modelled after an Escape Room! Thus, STEAM week in Kellock is a week-long celebration of all things related to Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). Planned activities take the format of game-based challenges designed to encourage curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking. 
STEAM Week is also designed to inspire our girls and to draw their attention toward STEM-related careers. It is our intent to provide opportunities for students to pick up new skills and develop their critical and inventive thinking through experiential learning and problem-solving. This meant integrating elements of the Maker Movement and the Growth Mindset into the curriculum to enable a holistic approach towards learning traditional content. Focussing on and going beyond STEAM education to address local and global issues.

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