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Information Communication Technology

Our Mission

In CHIJ Kellock, we believe in the power of technology as a key enabler in transforming teaching and learning. Anchored in this belief, the ICT Committee aims to enrich students’ learning environment and equip them with the necessary competencies to succeed in the 21st century. We leverage on technology to empower them with knowledge, skills and values to help them become critical thinkers as well as confident, self-directed and connected learners who will contribute to make a difference in the globalised world they live in.


Kbotics is a school-wide Robotics Programme that is integrated into the curriculum, developed for the P1 to P6 students. The aim is to equip the students with  computational and coding skills to pursue 21st century opportunities and to garner their interest in the field of Computer Science concepts that can serve as the enabler skill set for them to bring to fruition the prototypes they hope to create/make as part of their VIA-infused IPW products, where relevant.

The modules designed for the various levels comprise three coding roadmaps:-

     Lower Primary (P1-P2) : Lego Wedo 2.0 Roadmap 
         building a robot using Lego bricks and programming it based on logical sequence and creativity
     Middle Primary (P3-P4) : Sphero Roadmap
         learning about coding using Spero Bolt
     Upper Primary (P5-P6) : Micro:bit Roadmap
            designing and building pocket-sized devices that interact with the real world

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Digital Citizenship Education (DCE Programme)

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The school recognises the need and importance of educating students in becoming a discerning digital citizen. Students of today are born in the digital world and as digital natives, they use digital media to explore, connect, create, and learn in many ways. As they become tech savvy and have much exposure to digital devices and internet platforms, they may face complex issues online. As such, students need the guidance and support in using technology appropriately.

DCE is about educating students to exercise good decision making in the digital world. It creates the foundation for teaching students the issues they need to be aware of when using technology. This educational  exposure allows students to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly  in the digital world. Thus, the school aims to empower students with the core values and necessary skill sets as their online lives require the same attention as their offline lives.

Primary 1 to Primary 3Primary 4 to Primary 6
6 sessions during curriculum 6 sessions 
(4 sessions during curriculum + 4 sessions: e -modules via SLS)

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Home-based Online Learning Modules 

As part of the school’s efforts in developing the students’ ICT baseline acquisition skills, we have subscribed to an online home-based modules for them. These modules can be accessed via URL

They are fully web-based and students can practise touch-typing and MS Office commands anywhere as long as an internet connection, desktop/laptop are available. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the modules at home at their own pace. As this is a self-paced learning activity, students would have been given a checklist, instruction manual and FAQs to guide them in the completion of these modules.

A video guide to introduce the portals to the students would have been uploaded on SLS. We will also be monitoring the progress online. Students will need to complete these modules according to the timeline/schedule given and return the checklist to the ICT monitors upon completion.



STEAM week is designed to inspire our students into the World of Science, Technology, Engineering & Entrepreneurship, Art and Mathematics. They were involved in fascinating and engaging STEAM-related activities. For technology, they experienced the fun in coding by working in teams to program a robot, fly a drone and playing with the light sensor during the robo-race activity. 

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ICT Monitors

2 ICT Monitors are appointed per class to undergo a formal ICT Mentorship Programme (once a term). They are the ambassadors of their respective classes where the use of technology is concerned. We have a differentiated approach and booklets for our lower and upper primary monitors.

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Digispace@the Library

This is set up to allow our students the convenience to gain access to online resources in school.

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