Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

School-Based Programmes

Orientation Programme 2020

School based Programme.JPG
The school’s orientation programme was successfully conducted on the 2 and 3 January 2020. This year’s orientation programme included new segments such as our Sisterly Love programme, talks by Year Heads and t
he safety walk-about. 

The purpose of the orientation programme was to foster greater teacher-student and student-student relationships. In addition, some of the logistical and administrative procedures such as talks on rules, class contract and safety walk-about were also scheduled to ensure that some of the standard operating procedures were well disseminated to the students.  Activities such as class and level bonding games were planned for the students. Through these activities, students got to know their classmates and schoolmates better. The Sisterly Love programme made room for the students to mingle and bond with their peers of a different level. Going forward, the Student Management Department has planned more of such opportunities for the students to better support one another via the Sisterly Love programme. 

The orientation programme ended on a high note with a house meeting and cheering. Students learnt their signature house cheers and rallied their team members to support all initiatives and activities for the house. We look forward to see the houses in action throughout the year.  

Article contributed by Hannah Yuen (HOD SM)