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Student Leadership Development



At CHIJ Kellock, leadership development of all students is aligned to its vision of developing the unique giftedness of every child to lead and make a difference. Accordingly, the leadership programme is organised in the following tiers:

    Tier 1: Leadership for all Kellock students;
    Tier 2: Leadership for Kellock student leaders;
    Tier 3: Leadership for Kellock Executive Committee Prefects

Qualities of Kellock Leader

Tier 1Tier 2 & 3
    • Having initiative, being proactive
    • E.g. helpful, polite, approachable

    • Speak up when in doubt
    • Clarify or ask questions
    • E.g. ask questions, outspoken to share

    • Willing to try 
    • Willing to serve
    • Not afraid to make mistakes
    • E.g. volunteers to do things for friends and teachers

Relating to Others
    • Friendly
    • Approachable
    • E.g. friends can approach her for help

    • Having initiative, being proactive
    • E.g. thinks on her feet, steps up to help and supports others

    • Speak up for what is right
    • Speak positive words to bring about positive change
    • E.g. encourages others, dares to share her ideas
    • Willing to serve with pride and passion
    • Gives her best
    • Has the integrity
    • E.g. volunteers her services enthusiastically & participates in the events that the school organises
Relating to Others
    • Positive influencer
    • Humble
    • E.g. accepts corrections, influences others to do what is right
A: Tier 1: Class and Functional Leaders [Offer]

At this tier, the school recognises all students’ ability to lead. Roles such as class monitors, group leaders, PE leaders and functional leaders were created to offer more leadership opportunities for students. To formalise these leadership roles, an assembly period is devoted for the formal installation of these leaders.  

Leadership development of Tier 1 leaders is illustrated in the table below:


B: Tier 2: Prefects, NE Ambassadors, CCA Leaders (Nuture)

At the Nurture tier, the school tailors programmes that provide in-depth and progressive development of the students’ abilities and talents. The department aims to develop its student leaders with the entrepreneurial spirit where they are imbued with the mindset of pushing boundaries, of wanting to innovate and finding a breakthrough.

Leadership development of Tier 2 leaders is illustrated in the table below:


C: Tier 3: Prefect Exco (Excel)

Prefects who exemplify strong leadership abilities are nominated by teachers to form the Prefects EXCO team where they are stretched in their leadership development. They are given more opportunities to engage in meta-cognitive activities to challenge existing ideas and initiate change at the school level.

Leadership development of Tier 2 leaders is illustrated in the table below:


Prefect Exco 2020

Head Prefect: Amelia Davies
Vice-head Prefect: Shuanne Seah

Executive Members: 
Katelyn Tan
Ngawang Choden
Katelyn Anup
Rosanne Ow

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the school had to cancel the Prefects’ Investiture this year. However, our Head Prefect, Amelia Davis, had prepared her Thank You speech for the school and we would like to post it here.