Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)


Teachers' Day 2020 Tribute Montage to Team Kellock from Kellock Parents Support Group
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Teachers’ Day Greetings for teachers of CHIJ Kellock
Dear ex-Kellock girls, we know that this is the time of the year where you come a-visiting and to say Hi to your ex-teachers. We are appreciative and have always been of your thoughtful ways. Unfortunately, this year is unprecedented in that you will not be allowed to make that visit to CHIJ Kellock. Will we miss you? Of course! Nevertheless, we welcome you dropping your ex-teachers a note of cheer on our special Teachers’ Day. To do that, please use this form and submit it. We are quite sure that your ex-teachers will be most delighted to hear from you. Keep the IJ flag flying high, ex-Kellock girls! Thank you.
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NDP 2020 CHIJ Kellock School Celebration
In celebration of Radin Mas CCMC Virtual National Day Celebrations 2020.
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CHIJ Kellock Get Active Singapore!
As part of the virtual campaign to get Singaporeans to stay active and celebrate National Day, CHIJ Kellock participated in the inaugural Schools Get Active! Singapore (GASG) Workout Competition 2020 organised by Sport Singapore (SportSG).
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CHIJ Kellock Virtual Open House
Visit our Virtual Open House to find out more about what CHIJ Kellock offers.
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PSG Appreciation Montage To Kellock Staff, Part 2
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An appreciation video to all teachers by Kellock String Ensemble
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Appreciation Montage for CHIJ Kellock staff from Kellock PSG and PSG Alumni
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Home-Based Learning
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P6 SOTA Art Competition 2020 Winners
Congratulations to our P6 SOTA Art Competition 2020 Winners. Click on "Read More" for more details.
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