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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, 


In 1854, it was FAITH that brought four determined nuns from France, to follow God’s call to serve in the East amongst the poor and the disadvantaged in society. In spite of the challenges they faced in adapting to challenging physical conditions and a culture quite alien to them, they were able to start a school within two weeks. The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus School (Victoria Street aka Town Convent) was born, and in the subsequent years, a total of 11 CHIJ schools! 

CHIJ Kellock was born in the same spirit 55 years ago – with determination, perseverance and a good dose of the IJ spirit – which is one of faith, hope and love. For the last 55 years of our existence, it is the same FAITH that keeps alive the work done by the IJ Kellock Community in continuing the legacy passed down by those who have gone before us. 

An anniversary inevitably invites us to look back, it also invites us to move into the future with HOPE and a renewed calling to stay relevant in the ever-changing educational landscape while remaining grounded to the rock-solid foundation of values embedded in our school’s DNA. CHIJ Kellock has been synonymous with quality education for young girls and a highly regarded approach to service towards the disadvantaged. Since its founding in 1964, its raison d’etre has remained constant. This mission, translated, makes for a meaningful learning experience for the girls who come through the portals of the convent. 

The K (Kellock)-Experience places the learner at the heart of all that is done in school, puts learning back into the hands of the learner, with the teachers, the school environment and partners like the parents, as the keys to helping the children unlock their own learning. It is an experience that steers clear from a singular pre-occupation with academic achievement to one that emphasizes holistic values-based education, while remaining faithful to the goals of a Catholic education on which the foundations of the school are laid.

The K-Experience redefines what it means to nurture the young to be future-ready. It brings to the fore the development of 21C skills and competencies found in the 3 Kellock Girl Outcomes (KGOs) of a Thoughtful Learner, a Servant Leader and a Person for Others as well as Learning Dispositions that are key to the development of self-directed and continuous learning. The school’s Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) and white-space curriculum such as K-Botics and the Kellock Digital Citizenship Programme are examples of how the school delivers authentic learning to our children. 

CHIJ Kellock is also given the God-inspired mandate to reach out to young girls with the message of LOVE - the unifying value in the Kellock values of Graciousness, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Resilience and Love. The greatest means available to teach this value is not just in the programmes and the activities, nor the excellent achievements, but in the testimony of the community’s expressions of love. 

The CHIJ Kellock Community is the village that is needed to raise each child and we (the Home and the School) are on the same side, wanting what is best for the child. What we hope for, for each CHIJ Kellock girl, can be realized with the FAITH, HOPE and LOVE of many. If we, as a village, do what is right by our children, we would have delivered the Convent Experience in its true essence and spirit and paving the way for our girls to be young ladies of integrity and character. Thank you, parents, for journeying with your child and with the school to help us realise that. 

Yours sincerely, 
Ms Magdalene Chin 
Principal, CHIJ Kellock

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