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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and My Dear Girls,

Here’s wishing you God’s abundant blessings as we usher in 2021!

2020 has fast come to an end and we are now welcoming 2021. While we look ahead to the new adventures, it is perhaps apt to take a moment to reflect on things that have passed in 2020, and give thanks to God for his countless blessings despite the numerous challenges that persisted throughout the year.

We overcame these challenges through our collective will, human spirit and resilience, and most importantly with God’s grace. We were determined to turn the odds around and survive as a community, and we managed to get through 2020. What an unprecedented experience it has been.

As we venture into 2021, we know that the fight is not over and we are not completely out of the woods yet. We must continue to persevere, stay alert and be vigilant. We will continue with our existing safe management measures such as social distancing, temperature screening, safe entry and wipe-down procedures. However, we also know that with God’s blessings, and our tenacity and discipline, we can embrace all that lies before us and emerge stronger and victorious.

2021 will be a year of consolidation and thanksgiving for CHIJ Kellock. As the new Principal of the school, I am entering CHIJ Kellock as she celebrates her Founder’s (Blessed Nicolas Barre) 400th Anniversary. It is certainly time for the team in CHIJ Kellock to take stock of all the good work that has been done over the past years, be thankful as an IJ community for the many blessings we have received over four centuries, and chart the direction of the school for the next few years, especially in tandem with what is happening at the national front.

As a country, we aspire to become a leading digital economy. COVID-19 has accelerated this aspiration. Experiences such as working from home and blended learning (a blend of learning in school and from home) are here to stay as the new normal. Digital adoption in the community has increased significantly in just a matter of months, both at the personal and professional fronts. From 2021, all secondary schools will be moving ahead with one-to-one personal learning devices and pervasive digital learning.

What do all these mean for our girls and their future?

Our girls, as women leaders with a voice of their own, need to be ready to face their future confidently and competently. They will need both the hard and soft skills to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of their future world. Hence the need to ensure that as a school and as a community, we provide them with the strong fundamentals in terms of the experiences, skills and dispositions that they need to embrace their future.

Understanding the importance of providing our girls with the strong foundation that they will need for their future, CHIJ Kellock will embark on a journey of exploration over the next few years to deliver a curriculum that is future-oriented, and one that will ensure that our girls are thoughtful, engaged and empowered learners, with future-ready competencies to help them succeed in school and life. This will be a calibrated and paced journey that will see our staff and students exploring and experimenting with curriculum innovation, while maintaining the excellent CHIJ Kellock experience that the girls have always enjoyed.

CHIJ Kellock has always been a close-knit community of staff, parents, alumni and partners who have worked hand-in-hand to support the growth of our girls and to love them unconditionally. We value our partnership with all our stakeholders who are an important part of the CHIJ Kellock family and we look forward to your continued support in bringing out the best in our girls so that they will be confident women who are thoughtful learners, servant leaders and persons for others.

Let us embrace 2021 courageously and seek God’s continued blessings over the CHIJ Kellock family.  A very happy and blessed New Year!

Mrs Shanthi Suraj Nair
‘Simple in Virtue; Steadfast in Duty’