Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)
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School Crest & Motto

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Our school badge is the insignia of every Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus pupil. It is the badge of all CHIJ schools the world over. The red shield has a silver band edged in gold. On the right side is the Book of the Gospels with a silver Rosary, on the left is a golden Distaff and Spindle. The Shield, surmounted by a Gold Cross is encircled by a garland of Marguerites. 

The Motto on the badge is as follows: “Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty” 

The Significance of the Symbols

  1. The Cross is the symbol of our Salvation and of the suffering and death of our Lord, Jesus Christ
  2. The Gospel, representing the teaching of Christ, is a guide of our life. 
  3. The Rosary of the Virgin Mary symbolizes prayer – communication with God
  4. The Distaff and the Spindle are symbols of womanly labour, typical of an earlier period when the weaving of cloth was done by women at home. The symbol enhances the dignity of work.
  5. The Garland of Marguerites speaks of simplicity, the most charming trait in young girlhood. This symbol is typically French, pointing to the French origin of the Sisters of the Infant Jesus. 

The Meaning of our Motto

  • Virtue is a good habit of the soul. Simplicity in virtue leads us to God with childlike confidence.
  • Steadfast in Duty stresses the importance of a sense of personal responsibility – an essential trait for anyone preparing for adulthood.
  • When we see our school badge on our companions, we remember that it is a token of our membership in a school whose patron is the Divine Child Himself. 
  • When we wear it, we recall the ideals of life it sets before us.
  • We wear it with pride, for it is a symbol of honour.