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Cookery Club

The Cookery Club aims to encourage students to bake, cook and eat healthily. Students will learn about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, how to plan and prepare balanced meals, read and understand food labels, learn about food hygiene and food safety skills, and above all, discover that baking and cooking is fun! Students will also be exposed to new vocabulary associated with baking and cooking methods such as creaming, folding, slicing, stir-frying, kneading, etc. They will also learn to work together, take turns, and encourage their friends during the preparation and cooking process. 


Students will be able to bake and cook simple healthy food in small groups. The club will also endeavour to generate an interest in Singapore's rich and diverse culinary heritage.

Mdm He Na and Mdm Wang Gui Yun

7.30am - 9.30am