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Students in this CCA are entrusted as stewards of the earth, answering God’s call to respectfully care for our planet. They will learn the art of plant cultivation and champion the school’s on-going Sustainability Movement.  The Edible Gardens programme adopts a hands-on concrete and experiential approach to promote a deeper appreciation of nature while fostering greater social interaction amongst the Kellock community and heightening awareness of environmental concerns. Through the Edible Gardens training programme, students will be equipped with skills to manage and maintain the school’s rooftop edible garden, Laudato si’.


In addition to caring for a variety of local plant species, the line-up of activities in the Edible Garden curriculum include composting, exploring nature-related arts and crafts and extending the Farm-to-table practices to culminate in our very own K-Farmer’s Market.

Mr Christopher de Souza and Mr Thomas Gan


7.30am - 9.30am