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Media Broadcasting and Photography Club

The MBP Club aims to excite students about using technology in a fun and meaningful way by helping them learn more about photography and presentation skills, cultivate leadership qualities and explore the use of digital platforms. Students will be exposed to digital media, cyber wellness topics, operation of AV equipment * and broadcasting platforms. At the end of the year, students will be involved in planning and executing a school wide cyber wellmess carnival/activities.   Hence, the MBP Club is looking for students who have the desire to foster their leadership qualities, build self-confidence, groom their interpersonal skills, be cyber wellness ambassadors and to play an active role in educating others in the proper use of technology.  The club will tap on opportunities to expand on students’ creativity through the use of technology. 

* Selected students will be rostered to do morning assembly duties where their skills are put to test.  They are expected to be in school by 7.15am to perform their duties. Parents/ guardians will be informed prior to the start of their duties.


Students will participate in Canon photography competitions and competitions organised by the schools in the South Zone.  There might also be special visits to photo and art exhibitions. 

Mdm Selvi and Ms Ami


7.30am - 9.30am

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