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Art Club

The Art Club aims to guide students within the 3 year duration of the course to learn creativity through the exploration of a variety of media and materials. Members will not only have opportunities to improve fine motor skills but shall develop social skills and build confidence that will open doors for new discoveries and friendships. 
To complement the art workshops, visits to art exhibitions and museums may be arranged to enrich the students’ learning experiences. Members can look forward to participating in community and school wide events, which will enable them to hone leadership skills through facilitation of art activities and participation in art competitions. They will also learn to set up mini exhibits to display their art pieces which will be showcased in school. 


Students in the course of 3 years will be exposed to the creation of 2D, 3D, digital artworks plus learn the basic of art curatorship. Most importantly, members will be guided to strengthen their learning and thinking via art journaling and exposure to a variety of art thinking routines.

Ms Maria Leah Fonseca and Mrs Belinda Lim 


7.30am - 9.30am