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Pottery Club

Pottery Club aims to deepen the pottery skills and proficiency level of interested students. As clays responds to mould and shape, students become aware that they have great influence over the medium. The feeling that they are in command gives them confidence to attempt any project. This in turn opens the door to self-expression and imagination. Clay also allows students to learn to fix mistakes and therefore not to be fearful to make them. Clay is different from other art mediums as it requires an understanding of the three dimensional world. Students gain knowledge of planning methods and problem solving as they map out their three dimensional project. Through the three year programme, students will have the opportunity to learn the various pottery techniques. In the first year, students will be learning the techniques of pinching, coiling, slab work and glazing. In the second year, students will continue to hone their skills and create their clay work on the banding wheel. In the third year, students will be learning wheel-throwing.


Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition (alternate years)

Ms Silk Goh and Ms Wong Lian Sim 



7.30am - 9.30am