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The SwimSafer™ 2.0 programme aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children to minimize drowning incidences in a fun manner.

The six-stage programme includes survival and activity skills taught each stage of the programme, and work progressively towards the next stage. The students will be under the guidance of professional coaches recognised and registered under the National Registry of Coaches.


At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion e-certificate. After achieving the Swimsafer Gold, students will be assessed for the Endurance in Swimming Distance skills then onto to the Life Saving Awards and be certified accordingly.

At the starting point where our students enter the Swimsafer Progrmme, for the next 3 years, they will progress to the next levels.
Students may skip a stage and progress to a higher stage if the coaches feel that their skills have improved beyond the next stage.

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