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Swimming is a life skill which we would like our students to possess. A comprehensive syllabus is designed to develop students across the different levels of competency with the New National Water Safety Programme with emphasis on water survival and skills introduced. Learning how to swim not only equips our students with a survival skill but also helps to inculcate in them the qualities of determination and courage. Swimsafer was introduced with the aim of equipping children, with the necessary water safety knowledge and a wide range of water survival skills as a safeguard against drowning.  

We hope that with the introduction of the SwimSafer programme, which is the national gold standard in swimming and water survival proficiency, children of all ages will be equipped with the necessary swimming and water survival skills that will enable them to have a fun and safe swim.  

The SwimSafer programme comprises of six stages - SwimSafer Stage 1 and progressively, Stage 2, Stage 3, Bronze (Stage 4), Silver(Stage 5),  and Gold(Stage 6),   - that incorporate the essential elements of swimming, water survival and life-saving skills to prepare students to react appropriately when faced with sudden and adverse aquatic situations.  The students will be under the guidance of professional coaches recognised and registered under the panel of Singapore Sports Council and National Registry of Coaches


At the end of the swimming programme, students will be assessed based on each individual’s skill level registered in the Swimsafer Programme certification test conducted by the Singapore Sports Council.  The Swimsafer certification test available includes Swimsafer Stage 1, Swimsafer Stage 2, Swimsafer Stage 3, Swimsafer Bronze (Stage 4), Swimsafer Silver (Stage 5), Swimsafer Gold (Stage 6).  After achieving the Swimsafer Gold, students will be assessed for the Endurance in Swimming Distance skills then onto to the Life Saving Awards and finally the Bronze Medallion (BM) and will be certified accordingly.

At the starting point where our students enter the Swimsafer Progrmme, for the next 3 years, they will progress to the next levels.
Students may skip a stage and progress to a higher stage if the coaches feel that their skills have improved beyond the next stage.

Mrs Antoinette Teo and Miss Rachael Pereira


2.00 – 4.00 pm

Queenstown Swimming Complex

Approx. $80 per semester *Not inclusive of transport charges

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