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Brownies or Guiding is a uniformed group (UG) that teaches the girls to be useful and independent learners of the future. In Year 1, the girls start off as Tweenies before being enrolled as Brownies after a semester. From then till Year 3, they work on the 5-point programme badges such as Golden Bar, Golden Hand where they learn life skills such as ironing, washing, fire safety, etc. as well as learning about Singapore and the world at large. At the same time, they can also earn Skills/Interest Proficiency Badges through various activities such as cooking, entertaining, first aid and art & craft. They may get to meet and communicate with Brownies from other schools in Singapore &/or other countries during camping trips/Brownie functions.  By working together through various games and activities, the students get to develop their self-confidence and team spirit. 


Students will celebrate World Thinking Day together with the Guiding community in Singapore

Miss Ravathy and Ms Melissa Hadiwinoto


7.30am - 9.30am