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Student Matters

Removal of Mid-Year Exams for Primary 3 and Primary 5

In line with the adjustments made by the Ministry of Education to reduce the load of school-based assessment, there will be no Mid-Year Exams for P3 and P5 students this year. Students will take Weighted Assessments (WA) in Term 2 and 3 and Semestral Assessment (SA) in Term 4. There will also be non-weighted assessments (NWA) that are spread throughout the year on top of the WA and SA. Subject teachers will administer NWA after completion of selected learning units. Both qualitative and quantitative feedback will be provided by teachers to help students make improvements at each stage of their learning.

From 2020, our school will use subject-specific learning outcomes (LOs) and qualitative descriptors to portray P3 and P5 students’ learning progress for all subjects in the Holistic Development Profile at the end of each Semester. These LOs are aligned to subject-specific syllabuses and are meant to report students’ learning based on WA, NWA and daily assignments given to them. This provides a more holistic assessment of students’ learning throughout the year.