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Keep Singapore Clean Movement

The Keep Singapore Clean Movement is a national rally call for Singapore to move from being a ‘cleaned city to a truly clean city’. 

The philosophy of the movement is to encourage everyone to: 

  • Show consideration for the next user by keeping public spaces clean; 
  • Learn the importance of keeping Singapore clean through litter picking; and 
  • Advocate for a clean Singapore. 

At CHIJ Kellock, students and staff also play our part, by getting the rags and brooms ready to battle for a dust-free environment in school! 

CHIJ Kellock carries out Spring Cleaning Day at the end of every term, as students proudly shouldered the responsibility of cleaning their classrooms. Teachers were also in action, as they led the girls in the spring cleaning activity. Spring Cleaning Day was a good reminder to everyone at CHIJ Kellock that it is our responsibility to keep our school environment clean. The day was not just about cleaning the classrooms, but as students took turns, spoke politely to their classmates and watched out for each other in class while at work, it also provided an opportunity for students to practice their school values of graciousness, respect and love.

Themes for Spring Cleaning