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2018 P2 Social Studies Learning Journey

P2 SSLJ_01.JPGAs part of the Primary 2 Social Studies curriculum, our Primary 2 students took a learning journey to the nearby Commonwealth and Tanglin Halt neighbourhood by foot. The objective of this learning journey is for students to deepen and broaden their understanding of the neighbourhood near the school and gain insights to the livelihood of shop owners. By participating in the learning journey, students also get to experience for themselves what a neighbourhood is and also learn the various signs present on the streets in a real-life context.

During the walk, our students were introduced to the various amenities and goods and services present in the neighbourhood. Some examples are a laundromat, an optical shop, a traditional bakery, a supermarket, provision shops and a hawker centre. 

OuP2 SSLJ_02.JPGr students also learnt about the various everyday signages that are commonly seen in the neighbourhood. Examples are the ‘No Smoking’ sign, block number and directional signs. 

It is important for our students to learn about these signs so that they will be socially aware about their personal safety and the safety of others on top of being able to navigate around the neighbourhood with success. Knowledge of these signs also allow students to be aware of the Dos and Don’ts in the neighbourhood and play their role as a considerate resident in their own neighbourhood.

By experiencing the neighbourhood walk together, it provides a shared experience for our students to discuss about, reflect on and share their opinions with their classmates after the learning journey.