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VIA-infused Project Work

Part of education is learning. And what drives learning is curiosity and collaboration.”
Ken Robinson


Project Work @ Kellock

Project Work @ Kellock is a learning experience which aims to provide students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and creatively apply it to real life situations. This process enhances students’ knowledge and enables them to acquire skills like collaboration, communication and independent learning, developing them to be thoughtful learners and being a person for others. VIA infused Project Work enhances the empathy component in the course of acquiring knowledge, for students to understand the importance  of putting themselves in the shoes of others.

Learning Outcomes of PW at Kellock:

The 4 main learning outcomes of PW are knowledge application, communication, collaboration and independent learning. While students learn to work in groups, they will also learn independently through self-reflection and evaluation of their own work processes. These learning outcomes exist in dynamic interplay rather than as compartmentalised and distinct categories. 

Modified Design Thinking for PW @ Kellock:


Using modified Design Thinking as an approach, students will make use of real world information and explore the different ways one can improve various situations. VIA-infused PW is carried out across Primary1 to Primary 5, integrated with various subjects in different levels.


Primary 1 Values-In-Action-Infused-Project Work

Kindness, It’s Up to Us!

As part of the Primary 1 VIA-infused-PW curriculum, students embarked on a project where they learnt about showing care to people around them. The students were guided through a process of empathising with the people in the school community and learning how they can be the agents of change in creating the friendly environment they wish to live in.

As part of the learning experience, students will get to understand the inconsiderate acts faced by people in the school community through group discussions and research. Students will then work in their respective groups collaboratively to analyse the different real-life situations and come up with solutions to solve the problems faced by these people in the school community.

At the end of the Project Work, students had to craft a ‘Thank You’ card and handmade a gift using recyclables for the different groups of people in the school community to show their appreciation. Students also share their experiences with their classmates before completing an individual reflection.


Design Thinking Process:

Step 1: Empathise
Students attended a talk by the Singapore Kindness Movement. During the talk, students were exposed to different inconsiderate acts that took place around us.

Students were also shown videos on the different inconsiderate acts faced by various groups of people in Singapore so that students can put themselves in others’ shoes and think about how those affected would feel.


Step 2: Define

Students will then further define the problems surfaced through research. Students returned home to research on other inconsiderate acts faced by people and its causes. They will then share their research with their team members to choose one pressing problem to address as a group.

Step 3: Ideate
Students will work in their groups to generate ideas (solutions) on the targeted problems. The group members will start to ‘think outside the box’ to identify solutions to the problem that they would like to address.

Step 4: Prototype
Students will craft out ‘Thank You’ cards (with solutions incorporated) and also a gift made of recyclables for the targeted group of people in the school community that the group would like to help.


Step 5: Test (Values-In-Action)
Students will present to their peers on what they have created for the targeted group of people.


Students will also present their gifts and ‘Thank You’ cards to the targeted group of people to show kindness.