Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

Kellock's Arts Jamboree (K.A.J.A)

Kellock’s Arts Jamboree (KAJA) 2017 

Vibrancy in the Arts is the theme of this year’s KAJA. It had truly been a vibrant Arts Week from 15 May to 18 May 2017. Our students participated in the interesting line-up of Arts activities organised by the Creative Arts Department and the PSG. 

This year, KAJA kicked started with an inaugural Arts Inter-House Challenge where students had to work as a team to ‘grow’ a tree in their house colours. Each child was given a piece of cupcake paper where they had to colour their house colours on it. After colouring, they had to paste the coloured cupcake papers onto their house trees. The number of coloured cupcake papers were counted and added onto the existing house points. It was an exciting start to KAJA.

The excitement of KAJA continued with an assembly performance. Our staff and students were treated to a vibrant Bhangra Dance performance by Jigri Yaar Bhangra Singapore. The performers captivated their audience with their colourful costumes and the upbeat tempo of the music. Our staff and students joined in the mass dance enthusiastically when invited by the performers to perform. It was truly a festive and celebratory start to the school’s Arts Jamboree.

During the rest of the week, our students were treated to singing and instrumental performances by their peers during recess times. Our student audience encouraged the performers with their respectful silence during the performance and resounding applause at the end of it. There were also art and craft activities which took place during recess times. Students picked up instruction sheet and learnt in groups to create origami pieces and simple braiding. They had good fun keeping their hands busy creating art pieces.  

The series of After School Arts Workshops was one other highlight of KAJA. In recent years, these workshops are organised by the PSG in collaboration with the school’s Creative Arts Department. Our students were given a selection of workshops to choose from and these workshops range from Visual Art to Lifestyle Art to Culinary Art to Dance and Languages. Some parents participated in some of the workshops with their daughters, pleased that they were able to bond with their daughters through the Arts. A big thank-you to the PSG team for organizing yet another successful series of After School Arts Workshops.

KAJA 2017