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Authors’ in Residence

Author-in-Residence Programme

The AUTHOR-IN-RESIDENCE programme is part of the EL department’s continuous effort to promote a love for writing in our students. The aims of the programme are:

-      To enhance and enrich students’ writing  skills so that they can write to address the Purpose, Audience, Context and Culture (PACC) as presented in the MOE EL Syllabus;

-      To enthuse and motivate budding writers to write and publish through up-close and personal interaction with actual author at work; and

-      To help students to understand and appreciate the creative and thought processes that go into effective writing (narrative or personal recount) with the intent to entertain or to convey specific ideology/ beliefs to the readers. 

Students will learn the different techniques of authoring to captivate their readers’ attention in each session. As a group, they will write a story based on a theme, which will be decided by the group of writers. At the end of the program, the collection of stories by the students will be published into an e-book which can be found under the publications section of the EL Department website.