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Project Write Right 

departments_instructional_Project_Write2013_clip_image002.pngProject Write Right is a systematic and structured approach to teaching writing. It is guided by the EL Syllabus and the Content, Pedagogy and Assessment was conceptualised and designed by our very own teachers.

Writing skills and strategies have been developed to help students to develop their ideas in the introduction, body and conclusion of their writing. These skills and strategies form the three ‘pillars’ of writing which Project Write Right is anchored in. The skills are designed in a spiral manner varying in increasing complexity from P1 to P6. Students’ level of morale and confidence will increased, as writing no longer becomes a daunting activity since all the writing skills are tiered and taught at the level that is most appropriate for their age group and readiness level. Students have become more positive towards writing as the practices gave them a sense of achievement. In addition, students have also taken more ownership of their learning and improving their writing, as they learn how to read and interpret the success criteria presented in the  writing rubrics. 


The first pillar, ‘Generation and Selection of Ideas’, is an important pillar. Without this, students will find it challenging to generate and select story ideas and the pieces of writing can morph into run-of-the-mill stories that bore readers.


The second pillar, ‘Organization and Development of Ideas’ teaches students the “what” and “how” to be clear, logical, vivid and emotive in their writing.





The third pillar, ‘Review, Revision and Editing’ pillar is essential as we want students to be able to polish and fine-tune their writing so that it shines and strikes a chord with readers.