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Read and Reap @ Kellock

RR1.JPGReading is an important key to unlock our students’ ability to be confident and effective communicators.  It exposes our students to knowledge and experiences, widening their perspectives and enabling them to communicate confidently. Through reading, students gain an understanding of the beauty and power of words, giving them an edge in communicating and writing effectively.

To encourage our students to read, we have READ & REAP @ Kellock comprises a series of outreach efforts to expose students to the different genres of books and to enthuse them to read widely. These efforts include:

Read – Swop – Share

Done as a level, Read – Swop – Share is structured reading time in the English curriculum where students go to the library to read a short storybook provided by NLB, swop the book with a partner and subsequently share the stories they have read with each other. Besides nourishing and broadening their minds through reading, students’ retelling skills are also sharpened in the process. This is done at least once a semester for P1 to P3 students. 

Books – To – Go

Books – To – Go is the school’s effort to encourage students to read widely by borrowing books from the class library, school library and the national libraries. The school has recommended books for every level. Each student is given a reading log where they will have to complete book reviews or record the books read by them in the year. As an incentive, certificates are awarded to pupils who have read and completed all books in the recommended list for the level. To motivate students to take ownership of their reading, the year ends with the school’s very own interclass Lit Quiz where students represent their classes and pit themselves against one another to answer questions related to the books identified for the level.

To expose students to a wider selection of books, NLB is invited to the school every term before the start of the school holidays for students to select the books they would like to borrow to read over the holidays. Classes are scheduled in during the library periods to facilitate this.

Book Buzz

Book Buzz is a platform for the school and NLB to promote books to the students so as to enthuse them to be avid readers who are exposed to the different genres of books. Led by the English Department teachers and personnel from NLB, Book Buzz sessions are scheduled during assemblies and selected mornings during silent reading. The school also works closely with the Parents Support Group in order to conduct fortnightly Book Buzz sessions on Monday mornings to Primary 4 to Primary 6 students.

Super Storytastic!

Starting Term 1 Week 4 in 2016, Super Storytastic! are fortnightly storytelling sessions for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students during silent reading in the morning. Facilitated by parent volunteers, students will be treated to age-appropriate stories where a rich discussion may follow after the reading of the story. Books will be selected and determined by the English Department and parents will be trained to conduct these storytelling sessions. The schedule of the days for storytelling for the different levels is as follows: