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Learning For Life Porgramme

Learning For Life Programme (LLP) – Sports and Outdoor Education

‘Net ∞ – Nurturing Character, Inspiring Passion and Unleashing Giftedness through sports and outdoor education’ is grounded in the belief that student development is a crucial component of a well-rounded, holistic education. The infinity symbol, ∞, represents the boundless potential and endless possibilities the programme offers to the teaching of skills and character building of our pupils, which are critical at helping us achieve the  Kellock Girl Outcomes of ‘Thoughtful learner’, ‘Active Contributor’ and ‘Values-Centred Leader’.

The approach 
Guided by the new school vision, the programme aims to help every child develop and grow their unique giftedness through the Sports and Outdoor Education Programme, delivered through the Holistic Health Education (HHE – PE) lessons, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) as well as our niche, Netball. Net ∞ is deployed through 3 interlinked components of Explore, Grow and Sustain – targeted at providing the platforms for pupils to explore and grow their unique giftedness and equip them with the tools to sustain them throughout their lives. 

In offering opportunities for pupils to touch base with their unique giftedness, the school offers the entire pupil population a comprehensive, broad based HHE curriculum over 6 years where pupils acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable them to become efficient, effective and versatile in movement. Throughout their 6 years in the school, pupils will be exposed and given access to a breath of games and sports, within and beyond the PE syllabus, allowing them multiple opportunities to explore and discover their strengths. 

Besides the HHE curriculum, the pupils are offered a range of sports CCAs ranging from Netball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming and Outdoor Sports and Adventure, providing that additional avenue for pupils to explore and discover their strengths. 

Beyond the exploration stage, where pupils are first introduced to the different types of games, the HHE curriculum continues to provide the platform to allow the pupils grow their skills through the deepening of the content taught. The HHE curriculum is designed to allow pupils to revisit the game several times during their 6 years and higher order skills are taught to allow pupils to build upon the skills previously acquired. 

Through the HHE lessons, talent pupils are identified and recruited to join CCAs for further development to grow game specific skills. 

Recognising the importance of having a programme that is not only grounded in breadth and depth of the curriculum offered, Net ∞ will be strung together by the 8 habits by Stephen Covey in order to ensure that pupils have what it takes to travel the length of their lives and hence sustainability. In integrating the 8 habits (1) Be Proactive, 2) Begin with an end in mind, 3) Put first things first, 4) Think win-win, 5) Seek first to understand, then to be understood, 6) Synergise, 7) Sharpen the saw, 8) Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs ) into the different phases of a lesson or a match, pupils will be equipped with tools that will allow that to sustain them for life and shape their character. 

With Explore – Grow – Sustain, Net ∞ goes beyond the provision of platforms to allow pupils to explore and grow their uniqueness but ground pupils with the 8 habits that will sustain them for the length of their lives and shape their character.