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Primary 6 Financial Literacy Bazaar

At CHIJ Kellock, we recognise that financial literacy is an essential life skill. With the rising affluence in Singapore, it is important that our students are equipped with financial literacy skills and knowledge so that they can make responsible decisions and choices as well as develop good habits in financial matters from an early age.

The school has integrated the learning of financial literacy concepts, which culminates in the Primary 6 Bazaar, into the Mathematics curriculum as well as Values in Action (VIA). This approach allows students to make connections and hence gives meaning to what they are learning and doing. Students will work in groups to plan an entrepreneur project, produce crafts for sale to school mates and staff, and present the project to their classmates and teachers. They will be taught how to use Microsoft excel in budgeting and also when working out the expenditure and sales of their products. Proceeds from the sales are given to the IJ home and the school building fund; hence values such as contributing back to the school and the community are also emphasised in this financial literacy programme and VIA. 

The Primary 6 Bazaar is an opportunity to develop in our girls the Kellock Girl Outcomes – thoughtful learner, servant leader and persons for others and teaching them the value of making a difference no matter how small it might be.

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