Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

Other Activities

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fortnight was mooted in 2012 by MOE to encourage the use of Mother Tongue languages among students. The theme this year is Joy of Learning (Appreciation of Arts and Culture). During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to Chinese Language (CL), Malay Language (ML) and Tamil Language (TL) and culture were conducted to foster the theme. For all the P4 girls, a language and cultural camp was organised for them to provide an immersive environment in which to learn and use their Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). Through various hands-on activities, students also learnt to appreciate the respective MTL art forms and cultures. Mr Vincent Ng Cheng Hye, also known as Weng Qinghai, who is a Singaporean martial artist and former actor, was invited to be the special guest for the opening of our Mother Tongue Fortnight this year. Our girls enjoyed watching a Wushu display by Vincent’s top Wushu team, with members clinching the SEA Games Wushu championship. 

For CL, we engaged Arts Theatre of Singapore Ltd to perform two short Chinese skits for our Primary 1 and 2 girls. Comic workshop, bamboo book making and Chinese tea appreciation workshops were conducted for our P3, P5 and P6 girls respectively. During recess, story-telling cum quiz activities were organized for all our girls to participate. For TL, the girls were involved in Pongal recess activity, Uri Adi, Budding speakers workshop, Naadaga Arangam activities. They also showcased their talents through our various internal competitions such as fancy dress competition, 1-min speech, story-telling competition and singing competition. For ML, the girls were involved in Dikir Barat, Jawi Calligraphy and Traditional Malay dance. They also showcased their talents through our various internal competitions such as 1-min speech, story-telling competition and singing competition.

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration

CHIJ Kellock celebrated Lunar New Year on 4 February, Tuesday. After the opening by the School Leaders (SLs) to usher in the year of the Pig, the lion dance performance heightened the festive spirit of the celebration. “Peppa Pig” was invited to join us for the celebration since this is the year of the Pig. She also asked her classmate “Puppy Danny” to come along to teach the girls the traditions of CNY. “Peppa Pig” taught the teachers and girls a “Pig” dance, which brought the festive spirit to another higher point. The String Ensemble girls also displayed a CNY tune in the concert. 

Besides watching performance, the girls were also entertained by three game shows, namely “Guess the singer”, “Rearrange CNY greetings” and “Find the differences”. Prizes were given to girls who had the correct answers. The concert ended with the staff and students singing CNY songs together. As is the custom in our school, the SLs extended their well wishes to the staff by presenting Mandarin oranges to them on stage.

Chinese New Year Celebration
Mother Tongue Forthnight