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Malay Language

National Malay Scrabble Competition 2019

Piala Cendekia Sahibba

This year, 4 of our Malay students from P5 and P6, took part in a Scrabble competition organised by the Malay Language Unit at MOE (CPDD Branch). In this competition, the participants were encouraged to think creatively. This competition encouraged them to use Malay language effectively and enriched them with a wider scope of the Malay vocabulary. Our students did us proud! 

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Mother Tongue Fortnight 2019

Learning through Play 

During the MTL Fortnight, the lower primary students learnt traditional Malay dance. They were introduced to 4 types of Malay traditional dance, inang, zapin, asli dan joget. The upper primary learnt Sanskrit writing. They were taught on its origins and how to use the ink to do the calligraphy. 

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Mother Tongue Fortnight 2018

Learning Through Play

During the MTL Fortnight, the lower primary were exposed to various games in learning Malay. This activity is interesting as the student were having fun and not afraid to try in such situation. They learn about traditional costumes, poem, riddles and many more through the games introduced. 

Creative Writing Workshop

While the lower primary are learning Malay through games, the upper primary are learning ways to write interesting stories through Creative Writing Workshop. 


Hari Raya Recess Activity 2018

The festival of Eid, also locally termed as Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Day of Celebration) in Singapore, is celebrated by Muslims around the world. This year, the Malay department held a recess activity for all the Malay students. During the activity, students were thought how to make heart-shaped paper ketupat. This heart-shaped paperketupat will then be made as decorations on a black board to form a bigger heart shape. This activity also involves CHIJ Kellock students of other races. Students enjoyed the experience of ketupat weaving and understand that ketupat weaving requirea a lot of patience and perseverance. It has certainly taught the students to appreciate the tradition of ketupat weaving which is rarely practiced in today’s context. 


Juara Si Cilik 2017

This year, Nurul Zahratul Madina Binte Kamarudin from P3 Sapphire, took part in a singing competition organised by Nusantara World Music. In this competition, the participants are to choose any traditional folk songs and sing the song live without any music as the background. Nurul was also exposed to many different types of traditional Malay folk songs as she watched many other participants performed. Though Nurul only attained certificate of participation, it was certainly a good opportunity for Nurul to showcase her talent, confidence and love for Malay Language. 

Juara Si Cilik.JPG

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2017

This year, we had our Mother Tongue Fortnight in Term 1. Students had various class activities for various levels. Some of the activities were Batik Painting, Ketupat Weaving and Dikir Barat. The P4 students get to experience Batik Painting and Ketupat Weaving process while the P5 and P6 students get to experience Dikir Barat. 

During the Batik Painting process, students get to learn about chanting, the batik motif and also the colouring techniques. Students were thrill to try doing the chanting and were excited to paint their own batik drawing.



Ketupat weaving on the other hand is really testing the level of patience in everyone. Students find it very chal- lenging to weave a ketupat using coloured ribbon as it is silky. However, they do not give up. They continue to be patient and try again and again until they got it right.


Dikir Barat is a Malay traditional music that is rarely practiced in today’s context. Younger generation today were not exposed with Dikir Barat. Having Dikir Barat as part of MTL Fortnight activity is certainly beneficial for the students as they get to learn and experience a Malay tradition that was once very popular among the Malay community. Dikir Barat is always performed in groups with a singer. The Malay department are very glad that the students enjoyed the Dikir Barat session.

Primary 5 Bridging Programme

The P5 Bridging Programme was initiated by the Malay teachers to help Malay pupils to understand and apply the new P5 Malay syllabus. This programme enables them to cope with the syllabus difference from P4 to P5 and to know the new examinable components for P5 Malay. This will eventually help the child to be better prepared for her P5 Malay language.

IJ Malay Camp 2017

This year the P6 students went through a Creative Writing Workshop with the famous writer, Mr Peter Augustine. They learnt various ways to enhance a storyline. They can start and end off a storyline with various styles. They were also exposed to different types of flowery phrases such as Woordopname, Simile and many more. There were opportunity for them to try out the phrases in several scenarios. This workshop is certainly beneficial for the Primary 6 students, furthermore they will be sitting for their PSLE. 


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