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Tamil Language

Pongaal Recess Activity 2019

Our girls had an enriching time learning more about Pongaal festival by participating in the various activities Pongaal recess activity. Our girls had the opportunity to experience the auspicious boiling of milk and learn more about Indian culture and Ponggal. 

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Mother Tongue Language Symposium_Performance

Our girls performed Villu Paatu, which is form of traditional Indian Musical last during Mother Tongue Symposium 2018. The girls performed as Bharatiyar and Avvaiyar. Our girls were praised for the performance. 

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IJ Cultural Camp 2018

Our P6 girls participated in the IJ Cultural Camp organised by all IJ schools. They had great fun taking part in the various cultural activities such as Kolam designing, flower tying, Indian Traditional dance and many more. Our girls also got the chance to mingle and interact with fellow IJ girls from other IJ schools. It was indeed an enriching experience for our girls.

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Deepavali Recess Activity 2018

Our girls had an enjoyable time participating in the various activities during the Deepavali Recess Activity. Our girls had an opportunity to immerse in Indian culture and learn more about Indian tradition and Deepavali.

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Tamil Fest 2018

Our Primary 5 Tamil students had an opportunity to experience and participate in Indian traditional arts such as Mayil Attam, Puliattam, Villu Paatu, Kabadi. 

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