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Camps for Life


Camps for Life is a customised programme developed by the school in enhancing students’ learning experiences and supporting their holistic development. During the camp, students will be exposed to a wide range of activities and they will be able to discover their innate strength and talents. The camps comprise activities that will equip the students with self-management and social skills that will enable them to become self-directed learners who are able to manage their emotions well and contribute as effective team-players who will work well with others. The camp programmes for the year is as follows: 

Camps for Life

Primary 5 Adventure Camp (8 March to 10 March 2018)

The Primary 5 Team Building camp was from 8 march – 10 march. It was unusual for the camp to end on a Saturday, but many of us stayed for the entire camp.

The two most enjoyable activities for me were the high elements rope course and blind man’s trail.

For the high ropes course, the students who were most confident attempted it first. As I was not acrophobic (fear of heights), I was one of the first few to try it out. Even though I was confident, whenever I looked down, I had a feeling of impending doom.

From this activity, I learnt to be resilient. When we come across a difficult situation, we must learn to be brave and overcome the challenge. Though some of my classmates were terrified, they were courageous enough to try the rope course.

The blind man’s challenge, we were blindfolded and we held onto the shoulders of the person in front of us. We slowly walked along. If we broke apart, we had to say, “Orange, orange, orange”. Once we started walking, we could not see anything. We bumped into pillars and one of us even fell into the drain.

After this activity, we were able to empathise with the blind and the difficulties they face every day. WW have taken our sight for granted, we must be thankful that we have the gift of sight.
After the camp, my friends and I forged strong friendships and exhibited responsibility and resilience through the camp. The camp was very educational. I am very grateful that the teachers organised the camp for us.

Alexis Low Jia Ying
5 Indigo.

P5 Adv Camp 2.JPG
P5 Adv Camp.JPG

P3 Bonding Camp – Camp Ignite VIIII (9th March 2018)

On the last day of school in Term 1, the Primary 3 level had their Bonding Camp – Camp Ignite VIIII. Through the day camp, games and activities were carried out to foster bonding amongst classmates and across the different classes. Games were organised to provide opportunities for our students to critically brainstorm as a team to formulate a solution to the problem posed to them.

Throughout the day, it was evident that students practiced patience and empathy as they took turns to share and listened actively to the ideas from other students. Students were also presented opportunities where they confidently exhibited their leadership qualities as they took turns to lead their team. Adding on, it was observed that our girls got to play and work together with their teachers in the environment outside of our usual classroom setting. 

We are pleased to share that the success of Camp Ignite VIIII would not have been possible without the help of our enthusiastic teachers and parent volunteers. The organization of the camp was done by our dear teachers while the game stations and preparation for campfire night were solely dependent on the facilitation of our talented parent volunteers. 

Overall, the girls enjoyed the camp thoroughly and once again, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our parent volunteers who gave in their all in making this camp an exciting and memorable experience for our students.



Primary 4 Camp: A Night at the Museum (26, 27, 28 February & 1 March)

The P4 level stayed overnight at the Lee Kong Chian National History Museum on the 26 and 28 February respectively. Students spent three hours in school playing teambuilding games participate in cheerleading activities organised by the teachers. The students had their lunch in school before setting off for the museum. 

At the museum, the students were assigned groups and they had to complete two activities namely the nocturnal animals’ workshop as well as the gallery tour. The nocturnal animals’ workshop included a game where students had to smell objects while being blindfolded and experienced how it was like to be a shrew. On the other hand, the gallery tour introduced the different species of plants and animals in Southeast Asia.  It was an enriching learning experience for all the students. The highlight of the camp was to sleep in the gallery of the museum with the dinosaurs, sperm whale as well as the exhibits. 

On the second day of the camp, students were treated to a game of treasure hunt where they had to use the iPad tablet application, ‘see-saw’ to complete their treasure hunt. The game required the students to apply what they had learnt during the workshop as well as the tour. When it was time, the students packed their bags and departed for school. 

At the end of the camp, the students were tired but their hearts and minds were full and enriched because they have learnt so much from their camp experience. 

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P4 Camp2.JPG