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Discipline Philosophy

CHIJ Kellock believes that a safe and orderly environment, marked by a culture of graciousness, respect and love for self, peers and teachers , is necessary for learning to take place. Every child has the right to a safe school environment and an environment that is conducive to learning. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every pupil to contribute to the building of a caring and loving learning environment through self management and the modeling of school values in everyday life in and out of school.

Discipline Approach       



Intervention Structure


Consequences of Offences Committed

Level 1: Deterrents

  • Letter of warning
  • Confiscation of item/s
  • Loss of use or lose of privilege for a period of time
  • E.g. inappropriate attire, late-coming, possessing electronic items that are not allowed or littering

Level 2: Other Deterrents

  • Detention class
  • Deducting of marks for examination due to cheating
  • Lower conduct grade by one band
  • E.g. cheating during examination, bullying, misconduct

 Level 3: Close monitoring

  • Home involvement
  • Referral to external agencies
  • Mandatory counseling
  • E.g. smoking, recalcitrant child who continues to commit serious offences

 Level 4: Suspension

  • Exclusion from school functions / events
  • Suspension from school
  • E.g. serious bullying

 Level 5: Expulsion from school

    • The consequences meted out for the offences will correspond to the severity of the offences committed, on a case by case basis.