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School-based Programmes

Motivation cum Study Skills

It is aSBP2.JPG customized programme catering to the Primary 6 students who are preparing for their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). It aims to boost students’ confidence and encourage them to believe in themselves and also to equip them with study skills that will enhance their learning. Students learn through games and lessons. They are greatly inspired by real stories of successful men, women and even students who have triumphed over their own life challenges to be models for others. This 2-day programme is conducted during the first week of the Semester 1 holidays. 

Primary 6 Deportment Workshop

P6 Deportment programme is part of a 3-hour post-PSLE activity organized for the students in preparing them for a new phase in their growth and development as young ladies. The objectives of the programme are as follows: 

At the end of the workshop, the student will learn how to:

1.     present herself as a gracious lady with a good posture and poise.

2.     project a positive impression on people she meets.

3.     acquire etiquette required of a respectful, young lady.