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Student Leadership Development


In CHIJ Kellock, we  believe that every student has the potential to be developed as a leader because she possesses her own unique abilities and talents. Premise on this belief, we can then develop every student to be a leader. Leadership means having the confidence and ability to take the initiative to make a positive difference, regardless of age. All students can and should strive to contribute positively and make a difference within her sphere of influence. CHIJ Kellock’s model of Student Leadership Development is based on Kousez & Posner’s Lead Self, Lead Others and Lead Leaders. The progressive nature of the programme sees the students grow in their confidence and humility as a leader.

At the Offer level, students begin their leadership journey with Leadership 101 where all students learn the principles of leadership in line with the school’s belief that every child can lead and make a difference through ways which they can contribute. Opportunities are created through the creation of class roles such as class monitors, group leaders, PE House Leaders and Assistant PE House Leaders at this first tier of leadership. 


At the Nurture level, the school provides different leadership tracks for appointments of NE ambassadors, CCA leaders and School Prefects for those with recognisable leadership qualities. These students belonging to the second tier of leadership undergo leadership training to equip them with leadership skills so that they are competent in assuming their roles. In addition, they learn about the principles of servant leadership. 


Head Prefect Election and Prefect Investiture

Another highlight in Term 1 this year was the head prefect election. The five nominees for the election namely, Trisha-Ann Tan of P6 Allamanda, Preesha Magandharan of P6 Allamanda, Nadine Chuang of P6 Allamanda, Kaarneka of P6 Clematis and Wafeeqa of P5 Jupiter prepared their campaign speeches with guidance from the student leaders in our sister school, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent. Similar to the former years, the nominees presented their campaign speeches during assembly. Instead of having our students cast their votes online, the student management department decided to conduct a whole school polling immediately after the campaign speeches were delivered. Students from Primary 3 to 6 cast their votes using hard copy ballot paper and the result of the election was as follows:

Prefect Executive Committee 2017

Head Prefect
Trisha-Ann Tan (P6 Allamanda)

Vice-head Prefect
Preesha Magandharan & Nadine Chuang (P6 Allamanda)

Kaarneka (P6 Clematis) & Wafeeqa (P5 Jupiter)

The prefects together with the executive committee were installed on the 27 March 2017. The prefectorial board comprises 70 P4 to P6 prefects and 5 executive members. The prefect executive committee of 2016 was invited to the prefect investiture. These former executive members also helped to pin the leadership badges for the prefect executive members of the current year as a symbol of passing on the tradition of continuity. 

Prefect Executive 2016

Prefect Executive 2017

Prefect Campaign

Whilst running for the Head Prefect campaign, these 5 prefect Exco members would like to share with us some of the challenges or the lessons they have learnt when they were chosen to pick up the leadership mantle. We hope that their reflections penned below will inspire you to be a servant leader and a person for others in Kellock! 
Serving in the prefect Exco for a year in Primary 5 provided me with many platforms to improve my public speaking skills, boost my confidence and built steadfastness in my character. I believe that the experience I had campaigning for the Head Prefect position last year stood me in good stead for this year’s campaign experience. I was more matured and better able to craft my speech. After the results were tallied and announced, I was thrilled and honored to be chosen as the Head Prefect for 2017. My mission, together with the Exco members, is to make Kellock an inclusive and better school where everyone can learn, lead and make a difference. We hope that you will support us in turning our mission into reality! -Trisha-Ann Tan, P6 Allamanda

One of the challenges I faced when preparing for the campaign was in crafting my script for the speech I had to deliver before everyone at school. I was unsure of how to write a certain section and felt anxious as the script deadline was looming. My parents encouraged me to ask others for advice. I heeded their counsel and found out how to craft my speech and make it even better. I especially want to thank the councillors at St.Theresa’s Convent for their advice and encouragement. They not only motivated me to write a better speech, but gave me valuable tips and pointers.  – Nadine Chuang, P6 Allamanda 

Being the youngest candidate amongst the five prefect Exco members who were campaigning, I was not blind to the fact that clinching the Head Prefect title was rather slim.  I was told by many that the Head Prefect should ideally be a Primary 6 student and not a Primary 5 student. Nonetheless, I persevered and was determined to prove to my younger sisters in Kellock that age should never be a defining factor in the pursuit of our goals. We are never too young to make a difference! Even though I was not chosen, I am immensely grateful to be in the Exco as it has opened up many leadership opportunities for me to grow in service to others. -Wafeeqa Binte Sulaiman, P5 Jupiter 

In order to be officiated as a member of the prefect Exco, I had to pass an interview with the school leaders. I was the first person to be interviewed and was a bundle of nerves. I was thankful to have my friends by my side to calm me down. During the interview, I shared what leadership meant to me to the interviewing panel. I shared that a leader needs to be approachable, especially to the younger students in school. It would also be good if a leader has a sense of humour. A leader also needs to be open to listen and to work well with others, especially if she is the Head Prefect. This is important because the Head Prefect would need to lead and work together with the Exco collectively in order to better serve the student body. Lastly, a good leader is not just a person for others or a servant leader, but is also a thoughtful learner. -Preesha Magandharan, P6 Allamanda 

While writing my campaign speech, I learnt more about myself than I ever had in the last 12 years of my life. I was forced to think about my personal strengths and the lengths I would go to serve the school. I also had to consider how hard I was willing to work and sacrifice if I was chosen to be the Head Prefect. Leadership entailed sacrifice; there was no running away from it. Many people have the perception that clinching the title of Head Prefect is likened to clinching the most glamourous leadership position in school. She is seen as the big boss, whom everyone looks up to, listens to and follows. However, I have learnt that the Head Prefect position is more than that. A Head Prefect is actually the Exco’s representative, tasked to share the collective plans and ideas made by the Exco to the student body. She is also the person who has to make important decisions as to how these plans and ideas should be presented and how they can better serve the student body. -Kaarneka, P6 Clematis 

Trisha-Ann Tan
Nadine Chuang and Preesha Magandharan
Wafeeqa and Kaarneka

Look out for new functional roles!

 New Functional Leadership Roles

The school is always looking for more opportunities for greater student voice and involvement. Hence, new functional leadership roles will be rolled out to the students over the year. The table below gives the details of these roles. 

Leadership Roles

Roles & Responsibilities

Timeline for Appointment

Prayer Leader

Prayer leader leads their classmates in prayer daily and school functions/events as follows:

1)      Before recess

2)      End of the day

3)      Before departing for a learning journey

4)      Return from a learning journey 

Term 2

Kellock Green Captain

The Kellock Green captain will be advocates of a clean and green school environment. They will oversee the daily 5 minutes cleaning programme of the class, Kellock Spring Cleaning as well as the Kellock Canteen Keepers. They will also ensure that all the electrical switches in the classrooms are switched off when the class is away for recess and at the end of the day to conserve energy.

Term 3

ICT Monitor

The ICT monitor will assist the teachers in the following:

1)      Help her teachers and peers in any ICT-related matters

2)      Ensure that the projector and visualizer are switched on for use and switched off after use

3)      Report any faults in the ICT/Av equipment to her FT

4)      Promote cyber wellness to her peers

Term 3

Science Monitors

Science Monitors have the right and duties to assist the subject teacher to maintain good order in the Science Room and/or Classroom and to build community. This could take the form of a

1)      Media Resource Manager: Set-u p of Science Room for Teacher (Projector, Visualizer, Lap-top, Lights and Fans etc…)

2)      Junior Assistant: Remind teacher to Sign-in/out the Logbook or Loan book

3)      Table Technician: Set-up of Science Room for Peers (distribution of  resources – worksheets / apparatus, collection of homework)

4)      CNN Reporter: Oversee general cleanliness and ensures room is well-kept after every activity

Term 3




Food and Health Ambassador

The F & H ambassador will:

       Encourage students to eat their fruits and vegetables during recess

       Encourage students to finish their food and prevent food wastage

       Promote awareness on food wastage in the canteen

       Share interesting food facts and simple 1 minute exercises

       Lead by example

Term 3