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Term 2

Mother Tongue Fortnight

This is the fifth consecutive year that the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Department will be organising the Mother Tongue Fortnight in CHIJ Kellock. The theme for this year’s fortnight is ‘Language Unlocks Culture, Culture Reflects Values’. The main objective of the fortnight is to get our students to appreciate values that play a crucial role in nurturing a child’s growth. By providing this platform to appreciate the various Mother Tongue languages, our students’ awareness of their culture is heightened. This in turn enables our students to discover the values that are entwined with their culture.

Various activities are planned to bring across this year’s theme to our students. Some of these activities are story-telling focusing on values, assembly performances, book fairs, after school workshops for parents and cultural learning journeys for our Primary 5 students. We acknowledge the fact that “Every Parent is a Supportive Partner”, thus we have included parent-child performances during assemblies too. As in previous years, special guests have been invited to speak to our students to increase their love for their own Mother Tongue language.

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International Friendship Day 2016 – ASEAN

On 8 April, Friday, we will be commemorating International Friendship Day (IFD). IFD provides us with a great opportunity to help our students learn and appreciate other cultures in cosmopolitan Singapore and nurture in our students the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people. The theme for this year is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, better known as “ASEAN”. ASEAN’s 10 member countries include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is important to maintain good relations with the ASEAN countries and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of the different nationalities who live close to us.

A series of exciting activities have been lined up for students to deepen their understanding of the relations that we share with other countries:

1. A series of pre-assembly talks will be conducted during IFD week to help students understand the importance of having a harmonious relationship with the ASEAN countries and to develop an appreciation for the different nationalities and cultures.
2. The main event will be an ASEAN carnival organised by the Parents Support Group, where students get an opportunity to learn more about the culture of ASEAN countries. To enhance the learning experience, students will have extended recesses on IFD. All students and teachers are also strongly encouraged to come dressed in traditional costumes of countries around the world on IFD, 8 April.

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Parents’ Symposium

The theme for this year’s symposium is ‘Enriching Minds and Engaging Lives’. We hope that through the hands-on workshops, sharing sessions and activities planned at the event, parents can learn how to better engage their daughters in the learning of the various subjects, as well as receive parenting tips on family and parenting issues.

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Kellock’s Arts Jamboree (KAJA) – 16 to 19 May 2016

In May, our students, parents and grandparents will have the opportunity to participate in the various Arts-related workshops during Kellock’s annual Arts Festival – Kellock’s Arts Jamboree (KAJA). KAJA celebrates the Vibrancy in Arts this year. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience and learn various Art forms. During the week-long Arts Jamboree, our students will be treated to exciting performances by their peers in Kellock Superstars, participate in art competitions and mass dancing. The all-time favourite mobile Art carts will be back with more interesting art and craft activities which students can participate in during recess. As part of our continuous effort to create bonding time for the family, the school’s PSG will be working very closely together with the department to source for after school Arts-related workshops that are family-oriented so that our students can participate in these workshops with their parents / grandparents. Do look out for these exciting workshops and we look forward to your participation.

Founders’ Day

Our school’s Founder’s Day celebration will take place on Thursday 26 May 2016. This is a day set aside to commemorate the contributions of Blessed Nicolas Barre, the founder of all the CHIJ schools in Singapore and around the world. The Founder’s Day celebration will begin with a Eucharistic celebration at the Church of St Teresa at 8.00 a.m. The celebration will continue in the school hall with performances and presentations by students and teachers, enacting the life of Nicolas Barre and the impact of his contributions towards providing education to young girls.

With the 2016 Founder’s Day focus on the IJ mission around the world, specially-designed activities are arranged for all students, helping them to learn about the work of the IJ sisters in making Christ known and loved.