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Term 4

Staff Awards

CHIJ Kellock is proud to announce that the following members of Staff have received awards at the National Level and they are

• Mrs Joy Zhang for PS21 Distinguished STAR Award 2016
• Mdm Liu Shiwei for Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award 2016

NIE Caring Teacher and Kellock Caring Teacher Awards 2016

The National Institute of Education (NIE) organized the bi-annual NIE Caring Teacher Award in recognition of the teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students, and go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent aligned to our CHIJ Kellock staff values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love. The nominations for the awards in 2016 were submitted by students at the end of 2015. We are proud to announce the following winners at school level for the NIE Caring Teacher Award 2016:

Ms Lui Ling
Ms Koh Wee Mong
Mrs Esther Chia
Mrs Jean Toh

Besides the award given out by NIE bi-annually, the school also organizes the annual Kellock Caring Teacher Award for all the members of the teaching staff to honour the caring teachers who go out of their way in their care for the students. A total of 24 teachers were nominated by students and we are proud to announce the following winners for the Kellock Caring Teacher Award 2016:

Ms Tracey Chua
Ms Nadzirah Binte Azhar
Mdm Grace Gan
Ms Christina Tan
Ms Adela Chua

Congratulations to all award winners and nominees for 2016!

Values @ Play 5: Be the Change Today!

Values @ Play 5, held on 22 July, Friday, took on the theme of Olympics as this is the year of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 5 house values of Friendship, Integrity, Resilience, Respect and Excellence, were emphasized in the various games. Leading up to Games Day, the saints of each house was introduced and CCA leaders shared about their house value through heart-warming Olympic stories during pre- assembly.

Kick-starting Games Day with the Torch Relay, our very own handmade Olympic Torch replica was passed from PE teachers to House Mistresses and finally to Mrs Manuel and Ms Chin to be mounted on the pedestal. Throughout the morning, students forged friendships with house members, respected their opponents and with resilience, strived for excellence without compromising integrity.

St. Bernadette House came in as second Runners Up and St. Cecilia House came in as the first Runners Up. The Champion house for 2016 is St. Agnes House. All these would not have been possible, if not for the wonderful parent volunteers who took time out from their busy schedule to help and the secondary school student leaders from St. Theresa’s Convent, Outram Secondary, Queenstown Secondary and Gan Eng Seng Secondary who co- facilitated the games

Read for Books

On 29 July 2016, teachers and students came together to read for a good cause. The Read for Books event is part of the nationwide reading campaign organised by the National Library Board. For every ten people who reads for 15 minutes, a book is donated to a charity of their choice.

The event was an excellent platform in realising our school’s vision of making a difference in the lives of others. It is also in line with our language departments’ plans to promote a vibrant reading culture and cultivate good reading habits among our students. Through the Read for Books event, approximately 120 books will be donated to Infant Jesus Homes and Children’s Centres.

Primary 5 Teambuilding and Outdoor Adventure Camp 2016

The Primary 5 students had an amazing learning experience at their teambuilding camp from 1 August 2016 to 3 August 2016 at the MOE Labrador Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (LOALC).

The students had the opportunity to try their hand at abseiling, rock-climbing, challenge rope course, artificial
caving system and low element activities. The artificial caving system is a new feature added in the campsite for the students. During the camp, students displayed good teamwork and resilience in achieving shared goals set by the groups.

The camp ended on a high note with a campfire on the second night of their stay at the campsite. The activities and challenges planned for the students  provided
opportunities for them to learn and display the school values. Many of the students expressed that they had become more courageous and resilient after their camping experiences and they look forward to more outdoor learning activities.

National Day Celebrations - Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow

This year, Singapore celebrated its 51st birthday, focusing on the future of our Nation. As a lead up to National Day celebrations, all Kellock girls were given a National Day clipboard as a Souvenir and they decorated and personalized their clipboards according to the National Day Theme “Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow.” There was an overwhelming response from the students who eagerly showcased their artistic talents on their clipboards. The student with the best decorated clipboard from each level won a gift for their creative art work.

The highlight of the celebrations was the National Day concert on 8 August 2016, where all our students and teachers came dressed in red and white outfits for the celebrations. The primary 1 and primary 2 students wowed the audiences with their song and dance performances, as well as Singapore cheer. The NE Ambassadors also put up a multi-racial dance for the National Day Concert. The National Day mass singing segment got the whole school on their feet, as students sang along with their teachers.

The concert was further hyped up with our own Kellock wave and students having a great time bouncing giant balls around the school hall. The whole school was bursting with joy and pride for the Nation’s Birthday.

Please click here for photos.

Children for Children (CfC), 6 October 2016

Children for Children (CfC) is into its 9th edition. This year, together with our partner, KidZania Singapore, we will be taking 300 children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to celebrate a very special and memorable Children's Day on Thursday, 6 October 2016, at KidZania Singapore. Encapsulating the virtuous cycle of giving and sharing between the larger community and the underprivileged, it is with this intent that CHIJ Kellock and Kidzania Singapore hope to help these children discover their innate talent and invoke their creativity through a day of fun, while reminding them that our society remembers and cares for them.

The theme for CfC 2016 is ‘Dream Big’. By providing the children with the opportunity to experience various ‘career options’ through interactive and realistic role play at Kidzania Singapore, it will allow students to develop an awareness of their interests and strengths. It will also enhance their abilities and career aspirations, in relation to others and work. This will essentially pave the way for them to dream about possibilities for their future.

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Primary 6 Financial Literacy Bazaar

At CHIJ Kellock, we recognise that financial literacy is an essential life skill. With the rising affluence in Singapore, it is important that our students are equipped with financial literacy skills and knowledge so that they can make responsible decisions and choices as well as develop good habits in financial matters from an early age.

The school has integrated the learning of financial literacy concepts, which culminates in the Primary 6 Bazaar, into the Mathematics curriculum as well as Values in Action (VIA). This approach allows students to make connections and hence gives meaning to what they are learning and doing. Students will work in groups to plan an entrepreneur project, produce crafts for sale to school mates and staff, and present the project to their classmates and teachers. They will be taught how to use Microsoft excel in budgeting and also when working out the expenditure and sales of their products. Proceeds from the sales are given to the Infant Jesus Homes and Children’s Centres and the school building fund; hence, values such as contributing back to the school and the community are also emphasised in this financial literacy programme and VIA.

This post-PSLE activity is an opportunity to develop in our girls the Kellock Girl Outcomes of thoughtful learner, servant leader and persons for others and teaching them the value of making a difference no matter how small it might be.

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Primary 6 Graduation Ceremony and Party

To mark the end of their memorable six years of primary school education in CHIJ Kellock, all graduating students will be attending a special and meaningful Graduation Ceremony at the school hall on Friday, 11 November 2016 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. This will be followed by a graduation lunch cum party at SAFRA Town Club, Carpenter Street. The students will have an opportunity to engage with one another and with their teachers in a less formal context. As in previous years, we are sure that our graduating students will have a very meaningful graduation ceremony and a fabulous party thereafter!

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Bows & Ribbons VII 2016

The school’s annual concert, Bows & Ribbons VII will take place on Thursday 3 November 2016 at CJC Performing Arts Centre at 7.30 p.m. The concert is a celebration of Kellock’s young talents in the area of Arts. The school’s Choir, String Ensemble, Chinese Dance and Dance Ensemble will put up an exciting line-up of programme to showcase their achievements for the year. We are very pleased that members of our alumni from the school’s Choir, String Ensemble and Dance Ensemble will be back to perform with their former teammates. At this year’s Bows & Ribbons VII, there will be an Art exhibition by our graduating students from the Pottery Club, whereby their graduating pieces will be on display.

Do come for Bows & Ribbons VII and give our young budding artistes the support, encouragement and affirmation needed, to see them continue with their learning journey in the Arts Education.

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