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Term 1

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight (16 January - 27 January)

This is the sixth consecutive year that the MTL Department will be organising the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight for our students in CHIJ Kellock. The theme this year links back to last year’s theme: Language Unlocks Culture, Culture Reflects Values. The main objective of the fortnight is to get students to appreciate the values that play a crucial role in nurturing a child’s growth. As language and culture are intertwined, the students’ awareness and appreciation of their own culture will nurture them into gracious ladies of the future.

The MTL departments have planned various activities to deepen this unique theme. Mr Vincent Ng (翁清 海), a well-known martial art artist who had won multiple accolades such as World Wushu Champion and was also a 3-time SEA Games Gold Medalist, will be the special guest for the launch of our Mother Tongue

Fortnight. Through Wushu, Mr Ng will show the students the special values and ethics that the students can undersand and appreciate in the mastery of Wushu. Students will also enjoy a Wushu display by Mr Ng’s top Wushu team, whose members had clinched the SEA Games Wushu championship recently.
The school will also invite special guests to speak to students to inspire them to love their own Mother Tongue language. This year we are very privileged to have popular artiste, Miss Jesseca Liu(刘子绚) and MediaCorp Radio Yes 933 FM DJ, Mr Kenneth Chung(钟坤华) to share with the Primary 5 and Primary
6 students the importance of learning their own Mother Tongue language. Other activities planned for the students include story-telling cum making mini books, comics workshop, creative writing workshop, pre- assembly mass story sharing, book fairs, language and cultural camp and a learning journey to Little India.

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Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebrations (27 January, Friday)

CHIJ Kellock will be celebrating Lunar New Year on 27 January, Friday (7.30 a.m. - 9.30 a.m.). As this day is also Lunar New Year’s eve, students will be dismissed at 9.30 a.m. There will be no lessons on this day and students need not bring any books to school. They are encouraged to wear their traditional costumes for this festive celebration.

The CNY concert will begin after the Beginning of Year Mass. We will usher in the Year of the Rooster with a dance performance by a group of Primary 5 students. The school’s Chinese Language teacher wrote the lyrics to the song for the dance performance. Students will get to learn and sing this CNY song uniquely written by Kellock! Every year, the lion dance performance is the highlight of the CNY concert, and this year is no exception. Besides learning the traditions of Lunar New Year through a visual presentation, students will also be entertained through enjoyable performances such as guessing “Who is behind the Masks” and performances by our talented teachers. The charming “Story Fairy” will be narrating the story of “Nian” in a dazzling way to engage the students too. The concert will end with the staff and students singing the CNY songs together.

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Total Defence Day (15 February, Wednesday)

Total Defence Day is commemorated on 15 February annually, to mark Singapore's fall to the Japanese in 1942. The commemoration of Total Defence Day seeks to remind Singaporeans of the sufferings endured during the Japanese Occupation. It is also an occasion to re-familiarise our people with the modern defence strategy of ‘Total Defence’ which Singapore has adopted to ensure our continued survival and security.

This year, the theme for Total Defence Day is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’. Singapore has remained safe and peaceful over the past 51 years due to the efforts of all Singaporeans. This is essentially Total Defence. Total Defence remains relevant because the threats faced today require all Singaporeans to step up and play their part. Our youth are encouraged to put Total Defence into action in their daily lives by reaching out to one another, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones to keep Singapore strong and resilient because our greatest strength lies in the unity and resilience of our people.

To commemorate Total Defence Day, we will be conducting a food rationing exercise on 15 February, Wednesday, during recess. This exercise will highlight to students our school value, Resilience, and remind students that during a war, food is a rare commodity. Snack break at 11.40 a.m. will continue and we would like to encourage students to bring plain biscuits for their snack break on Total Defence Day. The canteen vendors will only be selling sweet potato porridge and green bean soup during recess. The usual food will only be available in the school canteen after 11.30 a.m. We would appreciate it if you could let your

daughter’s/ward’s form teacher know whether your daughter/ward requires special dietary consideration due to her medical conditions.

A series of activities will be conducted, leading up to Total Defence Day to remind students that Total Defence involves every Singaporean to play our part.

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English Week (20 March – 24 March)

Themed ‘Good English! Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!’, English Week aims to provide opportunities for students to develop themselves as confident speakers of the English Language. Aligned with the EL vision ‘Communicators: Effective, Confident, Thoughtful’, EL Week provides platforms and opportunities to cultivate the good habit of speaking proper English, in a thoughtful manner through a variety of activities such as Kellock’s very own signature programme known as Speak Proper English At Kellock (SPEAK Award) Competition and level-wide activities such as book cafés.

This year, Kellock’s SPEAK Competition has been enhanced to include a greater variety of speaking platforms for our students. Students in the lower primary can look forward to poetry recitations and putting up a Readers’ Theatre presentation to their peers during recess while students in the middle primary will be given opportunities to have a hand at retelling and sharing their very own fractured fairy tales. Students in the upper primary will have the more challenging task of speaking off the cuff and presenting opinions on a wide array of topics using the mental scaffolds taught to help them structure their speeches.

On the other hand, book cafés will be brought to students from Primary 1 to Primary 5 to enthuse students to read more widely. During the book café, books are brought alive through various station activities promoting different genres of books. To make it more exciting, on the day of the book café, students are strongly encouraged to come dressed in their favourite character of their favourite book. Not only will they win attractive prizes in being the best dressed of the level, they can also look forward to mingling and sharing with others what their favourite book is about. The book café will then culminate in a ‘blind date’ with a book as students get to exchange books with one another.

Careers Day 2017 (24 March, Tuesday)

As part of Education and Career Guidance (ECG), the school will be having Careers Day on 24 March, Tuesday. There will be an assembly talk and sharing by professionals and activities lined up to introduce students to the wide array of occupations, including new jobs created in this ever-changing world-of-work.

Through Careers Day, the school aims for students to:
• develop their interests, abilities and career aspirations
• inculcate an appreciation for all occupations and how they contribute to society

On top of the assembly talk and sharing by professionals, Primary 5 and Primary 6 students will be introduced to the online career portal where they will learn more about the different careers and their pre- requisites, and do target setting to chart their progress as they work towards their goals.

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