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Term 2

International Friendship Day 2017 – ASEAN 50

7 April (Friday), is the designated day to commemorate International Friendship Day (IFD). The theme for this year’s IFD is ASEAN 50, as it has been 50 years since the establishment of this association and members have been working together to accelerate economic growth, social progress, while protecting regional peace and stability. Singapore is an active member of ASEAN and our students need to learn from the different backgrounds and experiences of people in our neighbouring countries and celebrate the richness in diversity.

A series of exciting activities lined up for students to deepen their understanding of the relations that we share with other countries were:

1. Assembly talk during IFD week to help students understand the importance of having a harmonious relationship with the ASEAN countries and to develop an appreciation for the different nationalities and cultures.

2. ‘ASEAN 50 and the World: A Festival of Friendship and Fun’ carnival, organised by the Kellock Parents Support Group (PSG), where students got an opportunity to learn more about the culture of ASEAN and other countries. To enhance the learning experience, students had extended recesses on IFD.

This special and important event would not have been a success without the tireless effort by our Kellock PSG and the active participation of our parents. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for a meaningful and successful commemoration of International Friendship Day.

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Parents’ Symposium 2017 – Partnering Parents to Nurture Kellock Girl

The Parents' Symposium 2017 was organised for all CHIJ Kellock parents after a very successful event last year. The theme for this year’s symposium was ‘Partnering Parents to Nurture the Kellock Girl’. We believe that the key to a successful school experience for Kellock students is to partner our parents in this journey of education. Through hands-on workshops and sharing sessions at the event, we hope parents were better equipped to engage their daughters in their journey of learning and growth.

Founders’ Day

Founder’s Day celebration will take place on Thursday 25 May 2017. This is the day in which we remember the founder of all the IJ schools, Blessed Nicholas Barrè. This year, Kellock’s Fouder’s Day celebration coincides with the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord. On this day when Jesus ascended into heaven, He reminded his disciples to go forth to spread the good news and make Christ known. Our founder, Blessed Nicholas Barrè had indeed made Christ known and love during his lifetime by serving the less disadvantaged with love.

The 11 IJ schools in Singapore had selected the theme ‘To Serve With Love’ as this year’s celebration theme, to remind ourselves that we are challenged daily to show love and concern for our brothers and sisters. This common theme resonates with Kellock’s focus of ‘You are the Salt for the Earth and Light for the World’ – Matt 5:13a, 14a for to serve with love is to be a precious ingredient and a light in the lives of others.

The Founder’s  Day celebration will  begin with  a  Eucharistic Celebration in
church. The celebration will continue back in school where students will participate in the specially designed activities with their form teachers. Through the activities, our students will come to know more about our founder, Blessed Nicholas Barrè and his contribution to the society, the IJ mission and how we can use our gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.