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Term 3

CCA Achievements

Our sports students represented the school in several primary schools championships at the Zonal as well as national levels in Terms 1 and 2. We would like to acknowledge the effort and commitment of all the students who represented the school in Netball, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Tennis. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the parents, coaches and teachers-in-charge for your support, belief and encouragement. Your dedication made it possible for them to excel in their CCAs. The following table provides a highlight of the school’s achievements in the area of sports. Well done, girls!


Pottery Club and Art Club

The school’s Visual Arts groups, have submitted 3 art pieces for this year’s Singapore Youth Festival(SYF) Arts Exhibition. For 3 months, our students worked as a team to create an art  piece  based on the theme Artist and Space. It was a challenging theme as students had to think beyond their understanding of space. Guided by their teachers-in-charge and instructors, our young artists came up with interpretations of the theme Artist and Space. Three pieces of work were selected to be submitted. All the three art pieces will be posted online for viewing by the SYF organiser. We are pleased to announce that 2 pieces have been selected for exhibition at SCAPE Orchard in July.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated instructors who have imparted skills and values to our students, hence developing them holistically. To our wonderful parents, we really appreciate your support and encouragement which you have given your daughters. The school looks forward to working more closely with our instructors and parents to help our students develop their unique giftedness


Tamil Language Oratorical Competition 2017

The school participated in the Tiong Bahru Community Centre Oratorical Competition which aimed at promoting better understanding and appreciation of the language and culture of Tamil Language. Our students have done well and clinched 1st and 2nd places.




Priyashini Subramaniam

P6 Gloriosa

1st Prize

Jai Josthana

P5 Jupiter

2nd Prize

Lent & Easter Celebration

The theme for this year’s Lent programme – Salt for the World, Light for the World (Matthew 5:13a, 14a). Before the start of Lent, a sharing was conducted on what Lent is. Our students learnt that Lent is a period of time where Catholics prepare for Easter, the celebration of our Risen Lord.

Our students were guided to see that a simple way to prepare themselves for Easter is to be Salt for the World, Light for the World. Simply put, it is for one to make a difference in the lives of others by being kind and caring towards others, not to be shy about performing kind deeds and doing the right thing.

All students, regardless of their religion, were strongly encouraged to record 6 good deeds which they had done  during the period of Lent on a printed hand palm template. Students completed this activity before Good Friday and the good deeds were posted around the school as a recognition of the students’ efforts to make a difference in the lives of others

On Easter Monday, our students celebrated Easter with an Easter Egg Race at different venues of the school compound. The students had much fun working as a team to see which quickest team wins by the end of the race. The winning team was rewarded with a chocolate Easter egg for their effort. At the assembly programme that followed after, our students learnt the origin of Easter and the message behind Easter, which is ‘God’s love for us’. The day ended with a rousing sing-a-long of a song that talks about God’s love. A display board with information on Easter was placed in the canteen where students could read and find out more about Easter in their own time.

2017 Lent and Easter had been indeed a beautiful experience for our students as they learnt about the generous love of God as well as how they can be a light for others through their simple acts of kindness.

Hari Raya Puasa (Recess Activity)

The festival of Eid – 30 June 2017, Friday, also locally termed as Hari Raya (Day of Celebration) in Singapore, is celebrated by Muslims around the world. Riding on the theme of ‘Love of the Eid’, a recess activity was conducted to allow students to develop deeper understanding on the uniqueness of our multi-cultural society where different festivals and practices are celebrated and observed around us. The activities focused on the theme of Love and Forgiveness. Individually, our students weaved a heart- shaped ketupat which was put together as a collage to form a huge ketupat. It was indeed heartening to see our students working together to form this huge piece of beautiful artwork.

Racial Harmony Day - 21 July 2017, Friday

On 21 July 2017, we will be commemorating Racial Harmony Day (RHD). The theme for RHD this year is ‘The Singapore Way’. As we make the journey from tolerating differences to embracing diversity, our Singapore identity continues to develop. It is important that Racial Harmony is part of this identity and way of life. We should continue to strive to deepen bonds across communities.

Exciting activities have been lined up for our students to deepen their understanding of racial harmony in Singapore:

A special assembly talk will be conducted on 17 July (Monday) during Racial Harmony week to help students understand the importance of making friends with people of other races and religions, as well as appreciating one another’s culture. This will be followed by a special performance titled ‘Rentak Akar - Rhythms of The Roots’ which will introduce to students the different types of Malay drums and percussions. Through the performance, students will discover, understand and experience the spirit of being in a ‘Community’ and learn to appreciate the Malay culture and its practices.

On RHD 21 July (Friday), our Kellock PSG will be setting up traditional game stations during recess, to relive the kampong spirit which is fostered through games such as Pick Up Sticks, Five stones, Chapteh and many more. All students are encouraged to wear ethnic costumes of any races to promote the message of building harmony in Singapore on 21 July.

Lower Primary Games Day : Values @ Play 6

The Primary 3 to Primary 6 students had a very successful Games Day in Term 1 and coming up in Term 3, on 8 August 2017, Tuesday, is the Lower Primary Games Day for Primary 1 and Primary 2 students. ‘Values @ Play 6 – Be the Light for the World!’ takes on the theme of ASEAN Para Games where students rise together to show empathy and sportsmanship. It also aims to inculcate the values of Friendship, Excellence, Respect, Resilience and Integrity in students through various games and activities. More information about the Lower Primary Games Day will be given at a later date.