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Term 4

Children for Children

In collaboration with our partners, The Business Times, The RICE Company Limited and Kidzania Singapore, CHIJ (Kellock) will be organising our signature event ‘Children for Children’ (CfC) at Kidzania Singapore and playing host to approximately 800 underprivileged children in Singapore, to celebrate a very special and memorable Children’s Day on Thursday, 5 October 2017.

The theme for this year’s CfC is ‘Big’ Kids with Big Hearts. CHIJ Kellock students will inspire participants at the CfC event to make a stand for a more inclusive Singapore. All the participants will also be given the opportunity to experience various career options through interactive and realistic role play at Kidzania Singapore, paving the way for them to dream about possibilities for their future. As part of the staff Values in Action (VIA) activity, CHIJ (Kellock) teachers will be involved in guiding our student volunteers when they play host to the participants at the CfC event. This ensures that participants will have a fun-filled yet meaningful day at Kidzania Singapore.

In line with MOE’s curriculum for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), the Primary Four students will be generating awareness on the importance of building an inclusive society as their VIA infused Project Work. This VIA infused Project Work provides a platform for students to undergo learning experiences that support their development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. It will also inculcate empathy in our students, and encourage a call to action on how they can play a part to help the underprivileged children, especially those with special needs. Our Primary 4 students have also shared their learning with the school during CHIJ (Kellock)’s ‘Awareness Week’ (from 18 September to 22 September), to educate the rest of the school on the challenges faced by children with special needs and how we can build a more inclusive Singapore.

P6 Financial Literacy Bazaar

Primary 6 Financial Literacy Bazaar has been a yearly activity at CHIJ (Kellock).

With the rising affluence in Singapore, it is important that our students are equipped with financial literacy skills and knowledge so that they can make responsible decisions and choices as well as develop good habits in financial matters from an early age.

The school has integrated the learning of financial literacy concepts, which culminates in the Primary 6 Financial Literacy Bazaar, into the Mathematics curriculum as well as Values in Action (VIA). This approach allows students to make connections and hence gives meaning to what they are learning and doing. Students will work in groups to plan an entrepreneur project; produce crafts for sale to school mates and staff; learn how to use Microsoft excel in budgeting, working out the expenditure and sales and present the project to their classmates and teachers. Proceeds from the sales are given to the IJ home and the school building fund; hence values such as contributing back to the school and the community are also emphasised in this financial literacy programme and VIA.

The Primary 6 Bazaar is an opportunity to develop in our girls the Kellock Girl Outcomes – thoughtful learner, servant leader and persons for others and teaching them the value of making a difference no matter how small it might be.

P6 Graduation Ceremony and Party

To mark the end of their memorable 6-year primary school education in CHIJ (Kellock), all graduating students will be attending a special and meaningful Graduation Ceremony in the school hall on Thursday, 16 November from 8 am to 10 am. This will be followed by a Graduation Lunch at Hotel Re! located at Chin Swee Road. This will provide students an opportunity to engage with one another and with their teachers in a less formal context.

Bows & Ribbons VIII 2017

The school’s annual concert, Bows & Ribbons VIII, will take place on Thursday 9 November 2017 at CJC Performing Arts Centre at 7.30 p.m. Bows & Ribbons is a platform where we celebrate Kellock’s young talents in the area of Arts. The school’s Performing Arts groups - Choir, String Ensemble, Senior and Junior Dance Ensemble will put up an exciting line-up of programme to showcase their achievements for the year. Our graduating students from the Pottery Club and Visual Art Club, will put up an Art Exhibition where their art pieces will be on display.

The school is very happy to see Bows & Ribbons becoming a platform for our former students to perform with their alma mater friends. This year, we once again welcome back our alumni members from the school’s Choir, String Ensemble and Dance Ensemble to perform with their former teammates.

Do come for Bows & Ribbons VIII and give our young budding artistes the support, encouragement and affirmation needed, to see them continue with their learning journey in the Arts Education.

Deepavali Celebrations

Deepavali is locally termed as “Festival of Lights”, symbolizing the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. The symbolism of Deepavali is aptly summed up in the simple act of lighting an oil lamp. To capture this happiness, a recess activity will be conducted on 27 October 2017, to allow students to develop a deeper understanding on the uniqueness of our multi-cultural society. Our students will be involved in painting of oil lamps which will later be put together to form a huge lamp. There will also be an opportunity for the girls to try their hands on doing some simple Kolam designs.